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Deadly Jersey City shootout started with ‘targeted’ attack on kosher market, officials say

By Rachel Brooks

Contributor | Telegraph Local 

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A local guide’s Google image of the JC Kosher Market

Officials follow up on the deadly shooting in Jersey City yesterday. Today, they believe that the attack on a kosher market in the local vicinity of Bay View cemetery on Garfield Avenue was a deliberate antisemitic attack. Of the three victims killed in the hours-long gun battle, two of them were Chassidic Jews, citing Jewish Press. 

Live footage of the shooting reveals the local response as the incident unfolded. Further citing the Jewish Press, spotted a U-Haul truck that was possibly linked to the murder of a livery driver in Bayonne, NJ. Officer Seals, the officer killed in the incident, approached the truck to investigate. One of the suspects exited the truck, shot the officer, and then the truck fled the scene. 

The two suspects then proceeded to drive the truck to the Jersey City Kosher Market on Martin Luther King Drive. At 12:30 PM, they shot a Chassidic man on the sidewalk. Then, they ran into the store where they proceeded to shoot two more people. 

The Jewish Press also states that the two suspects, a man and a woman, had long rifles with a large supply of ammunition. They exchanged fire with police for hours before they were killed by an officer on the scene. 

Citing the Jerusalem Post, the mayor of New York City has declared this shooting a “premeditated hate crime”. The victims have now been identified. They were Leah Minda Ferencz, who co-owned the store with her husband. Moshe Deutsch also perished on this day, at the ripe old age of 24. Mayor Bill de Blasio has also told the press that this was “an act of terror”. 

One of the fallen suspects was known for posting anti-Semitic and anti-police content online. NBC News 4 states that officials believe these posts show the motive behind Tuesday’s slaughter. 

Jerusalem Post states that the shooters have been identified. They were David Anderson and Francine Graham, quoted from NBC News 4. Also citing NBC, David Anderson was once a member of the group Black Hebrew Israelites, a group whose members believe they are the only true descendants of the Israelites. Francine Graham’s association with David Anderson turned her into a “dark person”. Graham’s neighbor described her as a former home health aid in Manhattan who met Anderson after a work-related injury forced her to leave her job. The neighbor said he also believes Graham was coerced into a dark and radicalized religious faction. He heard parodic and evil chanting and readings of the New Testament from her home. When she stopped paying her condo bills and abandoned the property, the neighbor says the bank repossessed the house. This was as long ago as November 2018. 

The Jersey City shooting will be added as another chapter in the long history of antisemitism and hate. Antisemitism has reached an unprecedented level. A global level that reminds the Jewish community of those dark days near the dawn of Adolf Hitler’s Nazi regime. 

We must not let the slaughter slide away into obscurity. Today, we hold radicalized groups accountable. We remember the Holocausts, the needless bloodshed, the hollowing out and burning away of the world around us. We remember. 

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