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The Nick Cannon and Eminem feud continues

By Daniel Lehewych

Contributer| Telegraph Local

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Eminem is known for his feuds in the rap game. His most recent feud that exploded was between him and rapper Machine Gun Kelly. However, very recently a long recurring feud that Eminem has frequently been embroiled in has reemerged.

Nick Cannon, actor and rapper, recently released a diss track against Eminem entitled “The Invitation.” Suge Knight featured in the diss track.

Cannon raps: “Call Kim, somebody get Hailey and that other kid you raising that ain’t even your baby/ Took a page out of Drake book, this might get a GRAMMY/ We going back to back until you respond — on the family/ My baby mama killed you off a decade ago/ You still crying about it b**ch, now who really the hoe?”

Eminem fired back at Cannon last Friday in a song entitled “Lord Above.”

The feud between Nick Cannon and Eminem has its origins in the early 2000s when it was alleged that Eminem and Cannon’s former wife Mariah Carrey were in a relationship. When Cannon and Carrey got married, Eminem dropped two explicit diss tacks against the couple “Bagpipes from Baghdad” and “The Warning”.

In response to all of this, Eminem retaliated by calling Cannon “bougie“.

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