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Takeaways from today’s impeachment hearings

By Rachel Brooks 

Contributor | Telegraph Local 

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The United States is a house divided. A house divided cannot stand for long. Something has to give. Impeachment hearings have proceeded to see what direction the White House will go in. However that the dye is now will spell trouble for the domestic politics of this country.

For, if Trump is impeached, then his supporters may sound an outcry. If he is not impeached, his opponents will sound an outcry. If he stays, then there is the problem of the injustices for which he stands accused. If he goes, we have the question of who shall take his place. 

This is a grave issue that we cannot understate. Our country stands upon the brink of its most perilous era. One that will test the resolve of the Union and the American people. 

So, what can we take away from today’s impeachment proceedings? Will they give us insights for our country moving forward? Let us examine the facts and current opinions that give clearest insights.

The Impeachment Hearings_PBS News Hours sourced from YouTube

Conduct before material is in question 

The greatest controversy, citing the Washington Post, that the Republican party appears to have with this Impeachment hearing isn’t the facts themselves. There is a sizable amount of material to infer that Mr. Trump is indeed guilty of activities that presented _at the very least_conflict of interest in Russia during the 2016 election. 

The Republican party points the finger at the Democratic party’s process for presenting these materials. They believe that the Democrats in Congress are overstepping their rank and duties to push this forward. Democrats are allegedly plowing through the facts to get to the Impeachment result_haste likely driven by the upcoming election. 

Breaking within the last hour, articles of Impeachment are expected to release as early as tomorrow, citing Carol Leonnig, MSNBC reporter, Twitter. 

GOP calls this the “shortest impeachment” 

The GOP has called this the “shortest impeachment in modern history” citing NBC news. Nancy Pelosi announced it on September 24. From that time until today is 76 days, just a bit over 2 months, times enunciated by Steve Castor, the Republican council speaker. NBC states that the timeline is not, however, the shortest process historically speaking. The Clinton impeachment after his affair with Monica Lewinsky is said to have proceeded more rapidly. The Impeachment of Andrew Johnson in 1868 was also more rapid_though this does not account for a “modern” impeachment. It has been included as a matter of technicality. 

The Republican party has met this with ire as they feel the control and uniform process of law is fueled by Democratic passions. Democrats may haste ahead to the result, but they should be warned of one thing. The allegations against the President are intricate issues. If this is not examined in grave detail, there may be usurpations of a proper office that are missed. This will be the last chance of a lifetime for some of these things to come into the light. 

The ultimate outcome of a productive impeachment hearing in this case, ironically, is not the impeachment of Donald Trump. Rather, it is the exposure of all corruption associated with the executive branch of our government and the electoral process itself. The ultimate outcome the American people should hope for is that this thing which has divided us_this official whose crass mannerisms and dodgy behaviors have so fractured us_ will be the one who unifies us. Not through his evident self-interested, protectionist schemes of governance. Instead, we expect his ill performance in the cardinal seat of US representatives to drive the truth to boil. When we as Americans must confront it_and we must confront it_ with evidence and truth then we can heal as a nation. 

Guiliani is at the center of the board 

As these games of political intrigue wind on, Rudy Guiliani now finds himself at the center of the board. Every player on either side of this board_if we may use the analogy of chess_ looks to him as the piece to manipulate, citing Washington Post. The Democrats are using him as a means to push back on the timeline critique of their proceedings. The Republicans may yet smell blood, as the discredit of Guiliani is essential for their own desired end. 

What are the facts surrounding Mr. Guiliani? The New York Times has referred to Mr. Guiliani as “the indispensable man” because of his integral role in the process of these impeachment hearings. The New York Times credits Guiliani as the person responsible for steering Trump to the brink of Impeachment. He exposed many of the details, that is, that promoted this course of action. 

Complexities over Ukraine scandals 

This Impeachment hearing is supercharged with intricate threads of new information. In this case, Trump stands accused of withholding aid to Ukraine to pressure Ukraine’s government to investigate dealings they’d had with former US Vice President and current Presidential candidate Joe Biden, citing NBC News Live Blog. 

This is a major talking point that may increase the complexity of the process moving forward.

On the shift in political thought

The political thought steered by the US is shifting all over the modern, globalist world. Telegraph Local spoke with political commentators from The Conservative Historical Review and A Voice of Liberty for some insights into current political opinions. Telegraph Local also reached out to a liberal commentator publicly reviewing the US Impeachment process from the University of Copenhagen, but she declined to comment. 

The commentator from the Conservative Historical Review is quoted as saying, “It is difficult to define what is ‘radical’ or ‘extreme’ because I see that the political climate in the US, as well as in Britain or throughout Europe has radically changed…The election of Donald Trump and the result of the Brexit referendum are showing us a distinctive paradigm shift in political thought”. Parties are abandoning their own to support a vaguely defined globalism. As the Conservative Historical Review said, “The result is an existential survival of the political fittest.” 

The Impeachment hearings expose a Constitutional neglect pattern 

Americans feel that the central issues that birthed the Impeachment hearings expose a pattern of Constitutional neglect.

Citing Mr. Peter Kust from A Voice of Liberty, the entire conduct of all the involved officials has been a poor reflection of the people’s interests. Mr. Kust described these things in his political commentary piece, entitled Our Post-Federal Government.

 “The courts have not proven themselves immune to the contagion of partisan politics, with many jurists abandoning their sworn duty to partially apply the law without fear or favor.” 

He then goes on to explain how the court system of the United States has reached a place where the elected officials act in direct hostility to the Constitution, overstepping it to reach an expected end. He calls this “post-Federalism” which is “not supported by the Constitution”. 

He proceeds to further describe how Donald Trump has ignored the constitution in his own actions. President Trump has failed to go through due process in terms of military deployments, which have now increased by 14,000 pairs of boots on the soil in hostile regions.

Mr. Kust stated, “President Trump might deserve some credit for not starting new undeclared wars, but what he has done to actually end existing undeclared wars is minimal at best.”

The Congress approved these behaviors simply by allowing them to pass by unchallenged. It may come as a surprise to some, to examine this fact, when Trump has famously withdrawn troops from certain key areas such as Syria. Yet, Donald Trump behaved almost monarch like in that he moved troops away from the Syrian conflict and set 2,000 more in Saudi Arabia, citing the Wall Street Journal on November 27, 2019. He’s been a bit flagrant in his militaristic ambitions. It is this post-Federalized monarch-like behavior that drives the stress of his Impeachment. He has set an example for successors that Presidents are dignitaries and not executive officers. 

To clarify, Mr. Kust pointed out that the Constitution cites only the Congress may involve the United States in War. It is laid out in Article 1 Section 8 Clause 11. This reads, “to declare War, grant letters of Marque and Reprisal, and make Rules concerning Captures on Land and Water.” These are powers granted to the Congress, and under no uncertain terms only to the Congress. 

Yet, Trump acted on the grounds of undeclared war, something that Mr. Kust’s research found that he, at the least, has been quite negligent. It has been tolerated by the Congress for a long time. 

It would appear then that the Impeachment hearings of Donald Trump do more than detail the failures of the President. It also shows the failures_the neglect_of the Congress elect. The takeaway from this knowledge and today’s hearing then is, we must reevaluate our laws, our definition of laws as governing powers. We have put it to people and their agendas. We may declare US law as being popularly relative. To be the law, the law must be absolute and protect the people from the agendas of even the most civically popular elected official. If the official is unfit, they must go, no questions asked. 

Impeachment hearings are a developing issue

Keep this in mind. The Impeachment hearing, as complex as it is, is a constantly developing story. Facts will emerge and then they will be proven fallacies. Part of this is charged with the animosity that the two parties in Congress currently have for one another. This may blind the investigation and thus blur the lines a bit further.

As Americans, let us take this opportunity to make amends between each other. No matter what the outcome of this Impeachment, hold on to this. We were America before Donald Trump. We must be America after him. We must not point the finger between Republicans and Democrats. Only the people in elected seats who fail to do their duty and represent the two parties accurately are to blame for injustice in office. 

One great American steps out of history to speak to us once more. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  Let us judge our leaders_and ourselves_not by the color of our party, but by the content of our character. We are not the Red and Blue. We are Americans. We have passed through wilderness and war, civil discord, world conflicts. We have put down the tyranny of legalized slavery. We have had some victories against interracial hate_we still have much to do. We are America. We were America first. There was never a need to “make America great again”. America has always been great. It is time to make her whole again. 

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