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Presidents Cup roster

By Rachel Brooks

Contributor | Telegraph Local 

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Pictured above. Golf-star Tiger Woods pictured with President Barack Obama in 2009

The 13th Presidents Cup was called a “heavy, heavy youth movement,” by sports commentators of Golf Channel as youthful players joined the lineup. 

Yet, even with the new blood joining up in the spotlight, the President’s Cup features some classics. The 13 President’s Cup features iconic players such as Tiger Woods.

Patrick Reed, perhaps more than anyone else, has been painted as “sort of a villain” for a rules scandal that took place during a match in the Bahamas. Tiger Woods commented on it: 

“I think Pat’ll be fine. Pat’s a great kid. He’s handled a tough upbringing well. And, I just think that he is one of our best team players. It was one of the reasons why all the guys wanted him on the team.” 

Still, some of the shadow cast over Patrick Reed is likely to follow him into this tournament as the other teams must play in his circles. 

Tiger Woods also said, 

“I think someone is going to say something, but I just think that in general, all the times I’ve played to Australia, the times that I’ve played here, the fans have been fantastic. They’re the most knowledgable and most excitable fans. They love their sport. They’re gonna come out. And they’re gonna be_it’s gonna be bipartisan. As it should be. They’re gonna be rooting for the Nationals more so than they’re gonna be rooting for us. There’s nothing wrong with that.” 

Tiger Woods was convinced that the game would go smoothly despite the criticisms that followed the Reed scandal. 

PGA Official YouTube

Today, the PGA tour showed the top 10 highlights from the President’s tournaments of the past. 

The shots were taken by Greg  Norman in 1998, Graham Delaet in 2013, Rickie Folwer in 2017, Tiger Woods in 2009, Carlos Franco in 2000, Zach Johnson in 2013, Fred Couples in 1994, Chris DiMarco in 2005, Fred Couples in 1996, and finally Phil Mickelson in 2015. 

These shots were taken from wide angles, up steep hills, from as far back as 117 yards. They were amazing plays that we hope to see continue in the future years of professional golf. 

The 13th annual President’s cup commenced December 9 and will conclude on December 15, 2019. The games will be played in Melbourne, Australia. See the official Twitter handle of the President’s Cup for more information. 

Currently, highlights from the President’s Cup official page are not showing any details on the games. Rather, they are focusing on the gala event hosted by the tournament. 

Presidents Cup Twitter

The PGA quoted on their official Twitter handle, “dressed to the nines, kicking off the Presidents Cup in style.” Alongside a reel of footage showing Tiger Woods, a lady on his arm, dressed casket sharp and ready to crush the competition at the oncoming event. 

Details of the Presidents Cup event will develop over the next week. Check back here to get exclusive updates of golf and sports news. 

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