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NFC East is two loses away from tying the worst record ever

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The NFC East is the laughing stock of the NFL. The only sense of pride they can retain, is that bad playing teams still have the opportunity to make it to the playoffs.

Most of their remaining games are against each other. So this expresses the importance of Division games. Despite the skill of the NFC East against the rest of the NFL, it stays a national requirement to prove you’re the best in your division. Divisions don’t make it to the playoffs, individual teams do. So they say.

The two best teams of the division is Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys with matching records (6-7). Philadelphia has struggles with key injuries all season and Dallas has been struggling with defense. Dallas has already taken a win from Philadelphia earlier in the season, but many critics say the NFC East Division title belongs to Philadelphia. says that Philadelphia are in control of their own destiny after beating the Giants in Week 14. They also released this statement:

The Eagles could actually clinch the division earlier than Week 17 if Philadelphia gets some help from the Los Angeles Rams (8-5) next week. The Cowboys host the Rams in Arlington, Texas in Week 15 and the Rams are the lone team with a winning record currently left on Dallas’ schedule.

It is important to point out that the Eagles must win their last two games of the season, Washington and Dallas.

Unfortunately, even if they go as far as the playoffs, Yahoo sports doesn’t have them at finishing strong.

The good news for either the Cowboys or Eagles is that the 2008 NFC West actually saw its champion, the 9-7 Cardinals, win three playoff games and go to the Super Bowl. That fate probably doesn’t await the winner of this year’s NFC East.

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