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Jim Montgomery suddenly fired

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Jim Montgomery was suddenly fired from the Dallas stars after allegations of misconduct.

The team has Gary Bettman, NHL commissioner, to thank after outlining new policies to crack down on misconduct. Because this move was targeted against coaches specifically, the league had no choice but to enforce their ‘zero tolerance’ against him. Bettman also stated that any team that fails to report misconduct will be subject to “severe discipline.”

Jim Nill did not release any information on why the firing took place.  However, he said it had nothing to do with NHL commissioner Gary Bettman’s new NHL policies. He also discredited it as a criminal investigation.

“I found out this weekend and the event happened a few days before that. … We started the investigation on Sunday once we gathered all the information,” he said.

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This firing comes after a hardworking team that has managed to be respected as one of the best teams for the month of November. In fact, given the rapid actions of the league, the violation is considered to be very serious in nature.

This what Jim released to the media,

“The Dallas Stars expect all of our employees to act with integrity and exhibit professional behavior while working for and representing our organization. This decision was made due to unprofessional conduct inconsistent with the core values and beliefs of the Dallas Stars and the National Hockey League.”

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Montgomery was hired in May 2018.  He was currently in his second season with a 43-32-7 record during the first season with the team.

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