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Is Derrick Rose The Best Ever Player For Detroit Pistons?

Ah, no. And before the Derrick Rose current band wagon riders cry foul, allow me to present my case. Now grant it, Derrick Rose has been a phenomenal player, beginning with his nationally known one year stint with Bill Seth and the Kansas Jayhawks where in 2008 as a Freshman, he and the team won the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship.

He subsequently came out of college after just one year and entered the draft. He was drafted #1 by the Chicago Bulls. However, over the years devastating injuries have plagued him throughout his career. And but fortunately, in recent years he has managed to reclaim some of his thunder, so to speak, which it appears he is currently achieving now within the realm of the Detroit Pistons. He is now averaging around 16 point per game playing with Detroit on a averaging playing time of about 24 minutes . He seems to be doing very well.

“Bad boys!” Did I hear “bad boys?” And but not the Will Smith and Martin Lawrence characterizations, but the o-r-i-g-i-n-a-l Bad boys. Joe Dumars, Isiah Thomas, Bill Laimbeer, Dennis Rodman, as well as other notable Detroit Pistons basketball players, to say that Derrick Rose, with all the respect he is due as a phenomenal basketball player, is the best ever is a stretch and of course, hyperbole  there have been so many great Detroit Pistons players with a little bit more longevity and Championships under their belts , .

Back in the 80’s the Pistons were dominate during a time when Michael Jordon was playing, who most have call the Greatest of all Time (GOAT), was very active. Hall of Famer Chuck Daley, was the coach of the Detroit Pistons from 1983 to 1992 has seen some phenom talent to come through Detroit, and if anybody might have a more educated point of view on this matter, well, can’t ask him now, and but now, I imagined it would a somewhat diplomat, ah, no, to the question.

So, just list some of these other Detroit Pistons players and some of their stats. And you readers decide for yourselves.

Isiah Thomas

According the one source here are the historically top six Detroit Pistons Basketball Players.

  1. Isiah Thomas – was considered the best during the Pistons back to back Championships (1989 -1990) and is considered the best Detroit Pistons franchise history, playing his entire career with Detroit.
  2. Joe Dumars – he was a part of the then dynamic duo, with Isiah Thomas, which helped to lead the Detroit Pistons to their back to back Championships In 1989 – 1990. Joe Dumars averaged 17 point, 4 assists in the post season, and has a total of 112 career playoffs game in which he has played. He has also played his entire of career of 14 years with Detroit as well.

The others on the list are as follows.

  • Ben Wallace
  • Bill Laimbeer
  • Chauncey Billups
  • Dennis Rodman.

Need I say more.

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