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Google celebrates Mexican game Loteria

By Adonis Richards Contributing Writer |

Today, Google decided to spoil people with the fun Mexican game Loteria in a Doodle.

“With Doodles, we aim to celebrate a diverse mix of topics that reflect Google’s personality, teach people something new, and most importantly, are meaningful to local culture,” the search giant said in a statement. USAToday

The game started in Italy during the 15th century but became a Spanish hobby before hitting Mexico in 1769. It was officially copyrighted in Mexico on this day 106 years ago, Google noted. according to

The game is much like bingo, where participants have to match a card to an image on their game board. The first participant to get four marks in a row horizontally wins. This game replaces marks with beans, participants have to match the beans with the corresponding card. has presented fabulous instructions manual on its interface page.

Google doodled the art for this game for viewers. The art is by Mexico-based Chabaski, Mexico-born Cecilia, Hermosillo-born Luis Pinto, Los Angeles-based Loris Lora, and Mexico City-based Vals according to USAToday.

initially, when a participant wins, you scream “Loteria” or “Buenas”. You can also allegedly set up a random game or a game with your friends according to the CNET post.

USAToday describes it as a game of chance or luck. Participants have no control over the cards that are prepared for them in the deck of 54 cards.

The game boards are also random and varies for each individual player to add to the chance.

Google has periodically created fun and interactive doodles for over a decade now according to USAToday.

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