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Eagles Ruin Eli Manning’s Return To Primetime In OverTime Thriller

Written By: Colby Wonacott

Contributing Writer for Telegraph Local

Unfortunately in today’s age of ‘what have you done for me now?’ Eli Manning has not done much for the NY Giants. Especially once getting benched for rookie Daniel Jones. Tv segment after tv segment was ignited, arguing if Eli is an average QB or a Hall of Famer or not. Yes, an enormous gap between the best to play the game ever and just an average Joe to play quarterback.

I’d say that it is downright disrespectful to speak of a 2x Super Bowl Winner. Brian Hoyer is average, Ryan Fitzpatrick is average, Mike Glennon is average, Eli Manning is NOT!

In tonights Monday Night Football on prime TV, the2-10 Giants looked inspired against their NFC East rivals, Philadelphia Eagles.

In a cold rainy night in Philadelphia, both the Eagles and the Giants offenses came out with a slow start on offense. Eli, understandably was rusty since it has been 8 weeks since he last played in week 2. Caron Wentz offense struggles continue since losing to the Miami Dolphins last week.

All of a sudden, the 1st play of the 2nd quarter, Eli Manning throws a quick slant pass to Darius Slayton who bends his body breaking a tackle from the Eagles defender and then running down the sidelines scoring a 35 TD pass going up 7-0

Eli Manning’s entire family was there, including Peyton Manning was celebrating in their pressbox as they saw Eli throw a Touchdown.

Mr. Dependable Zach Ertz was Carson Wentz’s main receiver in this game, especially since Alshon Jeffery went out with a foot injury. Giants D-line was getting lots of pressure, causing Wentz to scramble or batting balls down before any Eagles’ receiver would have a chance of catching it. Giants forced a field goal, making the score 7-3

Not playing conservative, the Giants continue to pass the ball with little time left in the half. Eli Manning was getting the ball out fast and accurate in the 1st half. With 27 seconds left, Eli decides to throw deep too, guess who? Darius Slayton! He catches a 55-yard bomb from Eli Manning extending their lead to 17-3 to close out the half.

1st Half Stats

Eli Manning 11/16 179 yards 2TD

Carson Wentz 11/16 97 yards 0TD

Darius Slayton 5 rec 154 yards

This was exactly how Eli’s final dance should have gone, a game where vintage Eli came out and gave us all a show to watch. Just how Kobe Bryants last game when he scored all those points, reminded us of how he is such a dangerous killer on the court.

Instead, Eagles had to remind themselves that, “hey, we have great chance of making it to the play-offs, we can not lose this game.”

Late in the second quarter, the Eagles offense started clicking. Carson Wentz and Zach Ertz were connecting all over the field with a dash of great running plays from their two main running backs, Boston Scott & Miles Sanders. Boston Scott would eventually run it in the endzone for a 2-yard run. Brining the score 17-10 headed into the 4th quarter.

Carson Wentz #11

Still a winnable game for Eli being up 7 points with a quarter left, you could feel the momentum swing from the Giants to the Eagles, the Eagles crowd got louder and Eli was carrying a worried look on his face. Not a good sign for Giants fans.

Carson Wentz kept getting better and better throughout the game including the Eagles pass defense. Wentz ended the game with 325 yards passing with 2 TD posted by ESPN. By the end of the 4th quarter, the Giants’ pass defense started playing as if they were confused by what the Eagles offense was doing. Big chunk play after chunk play kept opening up, which lead to a 2 yard TD pass to Zach Ertz tying the game with 1:53 to go.

With the game tied 17-17, this was really set up perfectly for Eli Manning to have a storybook ending. Hitting Smith for 7 yards, Eli’s next two passes were an incompletion. 3 & out and a punt.

From the 1st half to the 2nd half, Eli throws became not as accurate, credit to the Eagles coaching staff of making adjustments that I saw during the game. Those 2 big TD passes caught in the 2nd quarter, the Eagles’ DBs were playing 7-10 yards away from the receiver. In the second half, they were right in the faces of the receivers, disrupting all those quick throws Eli is so precise at.

Darius Slay did not catch another ball for the rest of the game after having 154 receiving yards in the 1st half. Eli Manning finished the game 203-yards and 2 TD per ESPN.

With the game tied at 17-17, the 4th quarter had concluded.

Over Time

The Eagles had won the toss and elected to receive the kick. It took the Eagles 8 plays, 75-yards which eventually led to another touchdown pass to Zach Ertz winning the game and keeping the Eagles playoff hopes alive.

Final: Eagles 23 Giants 17

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