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Democrats and White House strike deal on trade

By Rachel Brooks

Contributor | Telegraph Local 

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“After a yearlong stalemate, I’m thankful that Speaker Pelosi has finally agreed to put the USMCA on the House floor, “ said Rep. Roger Williams (TX, 25th District) as the Democrats and the White House, at last, agree to strike a trade deal. 

Rep. Roger Williams, Texas, Twitter

However, this decision was not met with unanimous approval by all Americans. Michael Avenatti, the attorney famous for defending Stormie Daniels in the earlier Trump vs. Daniels case, had this to say: 

“Who was the rocket scientist Democrat who decided that it was a good idea to announce a new trade deal with the White House on the same days as the impeachment articles? Are you kidding me?!?!?!?!” citing his official Twitter. 

Avenatti’s statement brings up an excellent question. Why? Why announce the trade deal with the White House on the same day as the impeachment articles are to be announced? What is the logic behind this?

Some Americans argued that it was a strategy to change the public opinion that Democrats are not capable of getting, “anything done” quoting a reply from the Avenatti post’s Twitter thread. Many others echoed this sentiment. The public opinion is that Trump and McConnel’s constant talking points that Democrats are not executing actionable plans are not true. 

CNBC Stream of press conference recap, YouTube

Today, Speaker Pelosi held a news conference regarding the USMCA. It streamed via CNBC within the last 3 hours. The breakdown of this news conference is as follows. See the video above to follow along with the timestamps annotated in the text, or go to CNBC’s YouTube channel at this link.: 

  • Speaker Pelosi comes to the podium at the 10:00 marker. 
  • “Good morning, everyone. This is a day we’ve all been working to and working for on the path to ‘yes’. We were in range for a while, but until we could cross a certain threshold of enforcement for our workers’ rights, for the environment, and for the prescription drug issue_ as you know they were of three of the areas that we had put out there,” end 11:11 mark.
  • “There is no question, of course, that this trade agreement is much better than NAFTA.” 11:55  mark.
  •  “But in terms of our work here it is infinitely better than what was initially proposed by the administration,” 12:06 time stamp. 
  • “And I credit our chairman, Richie Neal, for helping us navigate all of these places,” 12:13 mark. 

Speaker Pelosi then turned the mic over the Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee of Virginia, Richie Neal. He proceeded thus:  

  • “Every once in a while you get to participate in a ‘it will never happen’ moment?_ (laughter) and we are witnessing that today. (13:56-14:03 mark) 

After this, he began to describe the nature of the trade talks and agreements that were reached on the USMCA. 

Neal cites that trade conversation between himself, Speaker Pelosi, and Trade Rep. Robert Leitheiser began on Saturday morning of this weekend. 

The CNBC video captures approximately 40 minutes’ worth of conference footage. It is worthy of a rewatch to understand in full everything that was discussed. 

Richie Neal followed up on his Twitter account claiming the full victory of the House Democrats, the Way and Means Committee and the USTR as they agreed that the USMCA should “set the highest standards of enforcement in any US trade agreement.” Which proceeds with the following points in the order of their appearance in the linked GIF.  

  • Strong environmental safeguards
  • Protections for American access to timely healthcare and medicines and 
  • Mechanisms to promote American jobs and protect workers. 
Rep. Richard Neal’s Twitter

It will be interesting to see how the American people respond to this tedious process of better the USMCA deal in the midst of the heated impeachment proceedings. This is a developing story. Watch for any possible updates on the USMCA, clauses that were altered from the original, and more throughout this day. 

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