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Barry Berke urges Trump impeachment

By Daniel Lehewych

Contributer| Telegraph Local

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Democratic House judiciary committee counsel Barry Berke, on Monday, during the congressional impeachment hearings on President Trump has called for the impeachment of the president.

In his statement to Congress, Berke outlined his reasoning behind the urgency of his pronouncement of the necessity of impeachment. This outline consists of what he referred to as “three high crimes and misdemeanors.”

The three high crimes and misdemeanors that Berke has accused President Trump of committing include the abuse of the powers of the presidency, frauding of elections and undermining national interest.

Berke, along with various other members of the House judiciary committee counsel, including its chief investigator Daniel Goldman and GOP Counsel Stephen Castor, presented their evidence regarding the impeachment inquiry following the testimony of various legal scholars on the same matter the previous week.

The primary drive of Barry Berke’s sense of urgency towards impeachment is the behavior on the part of President Trump towards Ukraine. In particular, the fact that President Trump attempted to push Ukraine to investigate his political rival in a current political campaign, Joe Biden. This deals with the corruption of elections aspect of Burke’s claims.

The aspect of Berke’s claims that deals with abuse of powers and the undermining of national interest has to do with Robert Mueller and his report. In particular, Berke cites as an impeachable offense President Trump’s efforts to have Robert Mueller fired and the attempt to cover up such efforts.

Such corruption, on the account of Berke, is a pattern. Even if it wasn’t a pattern, but simply were one-off occasions, it would still continue justification for impeachment. However, given the fact that such behavior on the part of President Trump is a pattern, such is the urgency to ensure that President Trump is impeached before November 2020, according to Berke. The fear is ultimately that Trump will attempt to interfere with the 2020 election again.

Finally, the lack of cooperation with impeachment inquiry is a call for worry for Berke.

“The reason we have not heard from all the witnesses and documents is because President Trump has obstructed the investigation.”

GOP representatives who were present during Berke’s testimony were not keen on agreeing with it.

“Very simply, the evidence of the Democrat’s impeachment inquiry does not support the conclusion that President Trump used his power for his own personal political path,” GOP Counsel Steve Castor said.

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