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Club America vs. Monarcas Morelia, Liga Preview, and How to Watch

By Rachel Brooks

Contributor Telegraph Local 

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Pictured above a professional soccer player for Liga at work in August 2009.

We often think of pro-soccer through the lens of European fans_and sometimes Brazil. Yet now we’ve had the opportune chance to see the Mexican-hailing Club America vs. Monarcas Morelia. In this most recent match, Club America took home 2 points while Morelia scored,well, nothing. 2-0 puts Club America in the lead and proves that pro-soccer is not the province of Euro fans. 

FMF State of Mind calls this a big win for Club America. It was a big enough win to push Club America to a spot in the 2019 Liga MX Apertura Final. 

What came surprisingly was how close Morelia came to the Liguilla this time.  Just the day before the game, USA Today Sports’ For the Win called it “a draw away from advancing”. 

A fan’s Twitter recaps the Club American vs Morelia game

This game has been heavily anticipated for over a week. Now, with these results in, states,”America moves one step closer to meeting lofty expectations” through the win that landed them the Liga spot. There is an understood prestige to the win that puts one in the final matches. This is something reserved only for the elite of the culture_and America, a continent more famous for NFL-styled football and baseball_has made its way into that culture. 

Club America as a team hails out of Mexico City, Mexico. It is a representative not only of the Americas as leaders in sports, but of Latino sports culture. 

Spanish news handle Invictos recaps La Liga games see on Twitter

Also citing, the Club America team was lead beautifully by Michael Herrera who knew that his team was expected to make the final. They delivered as a whole unit. The results show their profound dedication. 

More came from this than the expected Liga qualification. Citing the Athletic, some sources state that Inter Miami is now actively looking to sign Club America’s Roger Martinez as a designated player.

So, how do you watch the Liga Final anyway? In the US, you may require a special cable program for full viewing privileges. Sling TV has La Liga channel under their “Best of Spanish”programs. For “Best of Spanish”as an add-on by itself, it is $10. For “Best of Spanish” on Sling TV Orange or Sling TV Blue it is $30 each. 

You can also watch La Liga through on beIN sports. Fubo gives you access to sports channels such as beIN, Unimas, Fox Deportes, Univision, TUDN, and more Spanish-language versions of your favorite broadcast brands. You can watch from Apple, Android, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, and Apple TV devices. Fubo TV gives you all the Latino sports and entertainment channels on a 7-day trial period before you buy. 

If you have cable, you can also watch La Liga at La Liga Live Stream, TV Channel, and more citing US Today Sports. All major broadcasters of La Liga this season air at 3 pm ET, citing World Soccer Talk.

However you choose to watch it, tuning in now is crucial because every game from here on out is a defining moment for Club America, tournament soccer as interpreted by Latin America and the US, and the final outcome of the La Ligua Final. 

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