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Wonder Woman 1984 Preview

By Rachel Brooks

Contributor | Telegraph Local 

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The official trailer for Wonder Woman 1984 sourced from YouTube

Spoiler warning: If you haven’t watched Wonder Woman yet, plot points of the first title follow.

“A new era of wonder begins” is the take away quote from Warner’s latest Wonder Woman 1984 preview. 

The preview takes us forward in time from 1918 at the end of World War 1 to the 1980s-approximately 62 years. 

So, when, in the opening sequence, Diana Prince is asked, “Have you ever been in love?” 

The apt response is given with, “A long, long time ago.”

The object of said love, Chris Pine’s Steve Trevor is the most anticipated featuring cast of this film. Trevor died in the final act of Wonder Woman. His return, which is teased throughout the preview, is a subject that raises a lot of questions and hopes. 

Plot alone is not the only reason we see a superhero film. These films are the moment for the digital effects department to take their bow. We will see visuals in this film that are worthy of the 2019-era of special effects. Wonder Woman dons new armor and swings from lightning. 

Even though the plot is not always why we see these films, the plot should deliver on plenty of points from the original Wonder Woman series. Wonder Woman 1984 features the debut of two antagonists_Max Lord and the Cheetah. Citing Fox News, Cheetah also known as Barbara Minerva, will be portrayed by Kristen Wiig. 

Beyond the Trailer, YouTube

The fan response to Wonder Woman 1984 was “Wow”. Grace Randolph of Beyond the Trailer stated on her Twitter accounts, and in this reaction video “I think (this film) is going to change the business of presenting comic book movies.” 

Her sentiments are shaped in part by the fact that the team behind Wonder Woman 1984 chose to go a different route than the Comic-Con path. In presentation, Wonder Woman 1984’s first trailer was dropped livestream from CCXP in Brazil. Typically, these livestream trailer drops are behind closed doors, but some 60,000 viewers were able to tune in when Warner Bros. dropped the trailer. 

As Randolph said, “It’s great to see Warner Bros. get somewhere first!” Because in her mind, this is a presentation-changing act. Warner Bros. put their film’s fans before the hype of this film. Randolph wonders what Kevin Feige of the Marvel Cinematic Universe franchise may do with his future trailer presentations, taking the incentive from Wonder Woman 1984. 

Randolph also said, “This is an incredible time jump for (Steve Trevor). I don’t know how they can handle that realistically in a comedy.” This is another reason why the presence of Steve Trevor is the point of interest for this film. In Wonder Woman, the audience saw Diana pulled from Themyscira into the scene of Europe World War 1 era. You watch as her world understanding is shaped by Steve Trevor who is the first person to introduce the Amazonian_demigod to humanity. 

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