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Packers end Redskins playoff hopes with 20-15 victory

The Green Bay Packers came out strong against the Washington Redskins Sunday taking a 14-0 early lead to squeak out a 20-15 win in the end. The victory helped them clinch the first 10-win season in three years.

The win also keeps them in first place in the NFC North with just three games left in the season. It wasn’t easy though, despite the strong early lead. The Redskins rallied hard, but couldn’t pull off what would have been an upset. They’re now officially out of playoff contention in the NFC East. 

It wasn’t that they didn’t play hard. They did. They were just hampered by injuries. For one thing, Derrius Guice left the field with a knee injury in the second quarter. What may have been even worse was the fact that QB Dwayne Haskins was battling a leg injury. It not only hurt his movement and passing ability, but it was probably also one of the reasons he was sacked five times.

The Packers came on strong early with Aaron Jones scoring the game’s first TD. He finished the game with 192 total yards. Green Bay QB Aaron Rodgers didn’t have his strongest game, but he hit his mark more times than he missed. Even better, he didn’t give the Redskins any opportunities. There were no Washington interceptions.

If there was a clear standout in the game, it was Jones. His best play, a 25-yard play on third-and-14 in the fourth quarter was one of the final spikes in the Redskins coffin.

The Redskins did put a bit of a scare into the Packers. Haskins was able to get the ball to Terry McLaurin late in the game to get the team to striking distance of a come-from-behind victory. But it was not to be. 

Haskins couldn’t make a two-point conversion, which would have helped rally his team with under two minutes left in the game. Unfortunately for the Redskins, Davante Adams also recovered an onside kick. 

The Packers’ victory was far from perfect but they got the job done, especially when it came to the play of Aaron Jones. He also pushed through with 20 yards on the Packers’ second touchdown. Jones would also help the team with some great carries to kick off the second half. He was instrumental in the first four plays in the third quarter. That led to a field goal.

Jones carried the ball on average for 8.4 yards. The Packers also averaged 5.7 yards per play. Not bad, and enough to seal Washington’s fate and destroy their playoff hopes.

Injuries weren’t the only thing holding the Redskins back. They’ve been struggling on offense all season. To put that into perspective, they averaged a mere 14.4 points per game this season and just 262.4 yards per game. That put them dead last in the NFL on both counts. The final score tells it all. They finished the game just about on par with their season record – 15 points and 262 yards.

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