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By Rachel Brooks

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The web was swamped with Cyber Monday savings. To the point where many forgot that Green Monday was sliding up just right on its heels with deals of its fresh own. Green Monday is like Cyber Monday in some respects. It’s an internet sales term that was coined by eBay back in ‘07. Green Monday was then one of eBay’s hottest sales days. 

 Citing the Verge, today is your day to save again on iPad Air, PS4 Pro, Fitbit Versa 2, and so much more. USA Today calls it “Cyber Monday 2”. The difference is? Not as many people even know what it is. Which means, you save big, and it’s almost exclusive. 

Again get ahead of this on this evening while sales last, because the window is swiftly closing. You can use this as a leverage point to score big-ticket gifts for your kids and loved ones this Christmas season. 

Things have changed in the world of online shopping. Amazon is now the major web vendor. For that reason, we have got to take a look at Green Monday’s hottest web deals. 

Amazon’s Green Monday landing page now called 12 Days of Deals 

Hottest deals headliners

In the past, Amazon has offered 20% clip coupons off on apparel, home appliance, and cosmetic items for this date. Make a quick memo note here. Be certain you’re looking in the right place. Amazon still has its landing page for Green Monday 2015 indexed. You want the latest deals, vendors coupons, and offers. 

Citing Wired, Amazon has changed what they once called “Green Monday” to “12 Days of Deals.” The idea behind this is to get ahead of final holiday shopping_with Christmas looming over us just 16 days from today’s date. 

This year, big deals on cookware. Ayesha Curry Cookware is selling for $69.00 when it was $99.00. You’ll see this as a repeating trend. Green Monday sales focus on things that make great gift items. 

Big-ticket items are also sliding along under the nose of the casual shopper. A JBL Party Box Bluetooth Audio System_which normally sells for approximately $500 with shipping is going for $399.95 with free shipping. 

Each deal is valid only for 1 day

Remember, to keep a weather eye. Each of these deals is only available for the day of that 12-day span that the item is marked. You have to act fast to take advantage of this. Also, keep a weather eye on items not on sale yet. 

Literally everything in the store is fire-sale ready. You can get just about any kind of item in this deal, but you’ll have to drop that cash like its hot. 

 Look for items tagged “Deal of the Day”.

Deal of the Day items for “Green Monday” 2019 

Another great thing to come out of Amazon’s 12 Days of Deals. The coupons! They are clippable today under the 12 Days of Deals banner. They don’t just apply to gift items either. Get Persil laundry detergent disks for 25% with the coupon. Chobani yogurt has a 20% off coupon available. It’s great to rack up on big deal coupons on 12 Days of Deals for items you would normally have to buy. Saving on groceries and other essentials help you budget wisely around your holiday spending. 

Keep checking back at Amazon’s hub site for the most up-to-date information on Green Monday deals. Remember, some of these 12 day deals will end soon so act stat and save big. 

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