49ers lost bad in this game, but they're coming back strong
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49ers vs Saints recap

By Rachel Brooks 

Contributor | Telegraph Local 

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Pictured above, the 49ers have been a massive comeback kid team. 49ers scored 0 in the game featured above back in 04, while Seahawks landed 34. A new era today. They’ve won and won big.

The 49ers played the Saints. San Francisco took an impressive win in New Orleans, at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome, citing Sporting News. Even playing on low sleep, 49ers managed to steal the show. It was a close win, a shocker, each team playing at points that topped the season. It came out with 49ers at 48 and Saints at 46 in the wash. So, this is sports, and this is one of the greatest games played so far this year. As Sporting News stated commenting on the 49ers performance it was “simply the best game of the season”

The details as follows: 

NFL was #9 on trending YouTube. 

NFL fans are going wild over this game. With difficult seasons and dark politics coloring the NFL headlines of the last year or so, the fans needed this game. These teams played so well on both sides and the win was narrow. These teams have the power to carry the season to new records. 

As on fan of the YouTube NFL channel said it, 

“Nick Bosa is an absolute freak. That tackle while being held by Hill in the backfield was insane.”

The account holder’s name will not be shared here for his privacy. 

For once, YouTube swarmed with this agreement. We saw a lot of praise lauded on the winners (and in a sense, they were all winners) in the comment section. 

One fan even proudly stated, 

“This game is a preview of who will be playing in the 2019 NFC championship.” 

The agreement was overwhelming. It was as if this game sent some clairvoyant charge through the fan base. Big wins loom over the horizon. It will come down to these two teams-can’t you feel it? They are the giants. 

NBC’s recap of this massive game. 

There are so many highs of this game it’s hard to tell when to come down. So, take the NBC recap for a breakdown of each point. 

The critics from all over the newscast have some interesting points to make. Let’s hear from the opposing team. This is citing the transcript of the game quotes derived from New Orleans Saints’ news site. 

Shanahan commenting on Jimmy Garappolo, Saints’ quarterback: 

“He’s unbelievable. No matter what happens. He’s had a lot of good games this year. He’s had some times when he’s made some mistakes. But he’s the same guy everyday.” 

This consistency of the quarterbacks for Saints’ lets us know that the team is going to try for a massive comeback as the season steers closer to the NFC championship. 

There is a consistent thread of toughness and grit cited by Shanahan in the Saints’ team. That’s why they aren’t the losers in this game, even though they scored lower than the 49ers. This time they simply had a worthy match to face off with_and it made for knock-out football. 

There’s a unanimous buzz of excitement among NFL fans now. It’s hopeful_it’s Christmas in spirit and in motion. Keep your weather eyes wide open, because this season will be one for the hall of fame. 

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