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12 year old Florida girl was arrested for posting death list on snapchat

By Katrina Hapner, Contributing Writer for Telegraph Local

Twenty miles west of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, in the small town of Weston, a 12-year-old female was taken into custody after making homicidal threats against fellow middle school students.  According to the Broward County Sheriff’s Office, the arrest was made at the start of the weekend Friday evening.  Authorities stated that the unknown female student attends Falcon Cove Middle School.

On Friday evening, at approximately 7 p.m. the parent of a Falcon Cove Middle School student reported to a deputy at the Broward County Sheriff’s Office that a threat had been made against her child.  This threat had appeared on the multimedia messaging app Snapchat in the form of a hit list, naming several students.  Later that same day, again on Snapchat, a statement was made that the students on the hit list were, “not safe and that they would be killed on Monday,” according to a source in the Sheriff’s office.

When confronted by authorities, the child admitted to making the Snapchat threats, thought stated they were false threats, and was then remanded to the Juvenile Assessment Center in Broward County. Principal Carruth of Falcon Cove Middle School made a statement on his Twitter that the student involved was identified and action was taken to assess and contain the threat. Attorney for the child, Jim Lewis issued a statement that the threats were, “a bad joke, not serious threat. Unfortunately we live in a post-Parkland world and this is not something you can or should joke about.”

According to a Weston Facebook group, where a screenshot of the Snapchat post was shared, there was much debate among parents of Falcon Cove students, as to whether they would send their children to school today.  “Who has been at least thinking about homeschooling?”, posted one parent.   Another parent stated that she would be sending her daughter because, “I won’t put my daughter in harm’s way, but she can’t live in fear, either.”  One boy’s parents said that they decided to keep their son home, not because they were fearful of the threat, but because it will not be a “normal day” at school and their son did not want to be, “bombarded with more of last week and today will be that.”

The minor female defendant has been charged with false reporting of a firearm and two counts of making a written threat to murder her fellow students.  Names of those involved are being withheld due to the minor ages.  A Broward County Public Schools source, Nadine Drew, made the announcement that Falcon Cove Middle School will continue with their class schedule and after school activities today.

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