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Robbery Ends With Police Pursuit and a UPS Driver and 3 Others Dead

Yesterday on the streets of two neighboring counties, Miami-Dade and Broward county, there was a convergence of death and violence. Beginning with a high profile jewelry store robbery Coral Gables Fl, culminating in a police-involved shoot-out in Miramar, FL, where two brazen robbery suspects, in broad daylight, who would seem to have no regard everyone else’s right to life, not even their own it would seem, which monumental impact would spill well beyond either of these communities borders.

And unfortunately, a young UPS Driver, who was just doing his job, would unknowingly at the beginning of his shift, and other yet unnamed innocent bystander, would be caught between the cross hairs of multiple law Enforcement units and these two brazen robbery suspects. According to a senior law enforcement source, https://www.cbsnews.com/news/ups-truck-police-chase-miramar-hostage-frank-ordonez-was-on-his-first-day-as-driver-coworker-says/ there were a total of 19 officers from five different agencies who were involved in the shootout.

One of the victims of this horrific and mind numbing occurrence was 27 year old UPS driver Frank Ordonez, who was a five year veteran of the Logistic giant, according to sources https://www.cbsnews.com/news/ups-truck-police-chase-miramar-hostage-frank-ordonez-was-on-his-first-day-as-driver-coworker-says/ .

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The scene of these brazen robbery began in Coral Gables’s high end jewelry store, Regent Jewelers, on Miracle Mile. The two robbery left the scene of that crime in a truck and shortly thereafter hijacked the UPS truck driven by Mr. Ordonez. The law enforcement agencies involved in the subsequent shootout have come under fire themselves for the way the pursuit and that particular shootout with the alleged robbers was handled.

According to one source, https://www.npr.org/2019/12/06/785561122/4-dead-after-armed-robbers-hijack-ups-truck former Department of Housing and Urban Development official Brandon Friedman, during the Obama Administration, describes the subsequent shooting scene as “appalling,” with officers using occupied commuter cars as “human shields.”

And if anyone knows about the traffic in South Florida there was no way to escape for either the alleged robbers, and or the commuters stuck in traffic witnessing such an unbelievable crime scene. It is truly tragic that law enforcement, even though they got their guys, so to speak, innocent people had to die,

This is a developing story.

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