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Major Network Outage Experienced by Fifth Third Bank_Customers disgruntled

By Rachel Brooks

Contributor |  Telegraph Local 

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The service is being restored gradually at Fifth Third Banks after a major network outage. 

Citing Local 12 yesterday, the company tweeted “we are experiencing an issue with our network” yesterday at approximately 1:30 p.m., 13:00:00 local time. The issues, however, had been ongoing for the better part of the day on December 6. Customers made complaints that they experienced issued as early as 11:30 a.m.  Cards were declined at seeming random and ATM services were not functional. 

From local reports, it appears the outage was mostly localized to the bank branch in the greater Cincinnati region, citing WLWT5. A spokeswoman for the bank, Ms. Laura Trujillo, was not certain how far the reach of this outage extended into the Fifth Third Bank networks. 

Invest Records states that this Fifth-Third branch’s website and app were also down for a certain period of time. 

What caused the massive Fifth Third outage? Sources are not clear on that at this time. The news outlets who first released this story are working closely with the bank to make the cause publicly known. 

WCPO Cincinnati was the original city to post the story. The only confirmable detail they could publish was that the Fifth Third Banks of their region had a “network issue”. The bank itself confirmed this via Twitter. It has also been called a network outage. There are no reports as of yet of infectious malware in the system or of data compromise. 

Fifth Third posted this to the public early Friday afternoon.

Even for the company’s public statement, the customer base was livid with this incident. Customers who responded to the public statement accused the bank of having double standards. When it is the bank’s network that has an incident, then the bank will merely apologize for the inconvenience. The bank will charge high overdraft fees if the customer accounts were to overdraft. This was the reason for many of the complaints. 

Screencapture of the Fifth Third Bank website’s motto, shared to Twtiter by a disgruntled customer.

Bank customers saw this as a serious slight because their scheduled overdraft fees would be $40 or more. One customer is quoted as saying “It’d be an almost $40 charge…yet we’ve been without our money for hours. It’s not right.” 

Another customer said, “This is completely inconvenient and is taking way longer to clear up. I don’t feel like my money is being kept safe”. 

Another customer called “Nikki” stated, “ I’m about to refund this issue and take my service to a new bank. This is not okay; people have rent, gas bills and kids to care for. These generic replies don’t provide to anyone. Do better.” 

Another Fifth Third customer, called Scott Lynkins, stated that his wife had gotten an oil change during the incident and the service shop would quote,” not let her leave” until she had paid for it. Which was made impossible by the Fifth Third issue. He was at work at the time of the incident which made him apparently nervous for his wife and a potential altercation with the service shop.  

“Not that it matters, but I’ve been a customer since ‘10 and you have older customers than me. Hope you get this sorted out soon.” 

The Twitter accounts have not been screenshot for the sake of the user’s privacy. 

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