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Shooting at the Naval Air Station Pensacola

By Rachel Brooks

Contributor | Telegraph Local 

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Pictured above police presence on NAS Pensacola’s base

An active shooting has taken the lives of four people at the Naval Air Station in Pensacola, Florida, citing Washington Post.  Citing ABC News, more details are emerging as officials try to make sense of what took place here today. Officials of the Naval Air Station are confident the incident will be solved fairly quickly. 

ABC News. Escambia County sheriff department responded this morning to a call to local dispatch from a classroom on the NAS Pensacola base parameters.

Several are deceased. This is no longer an active shooter situation. Citing the commanding officer on base, Captain Timothy Kinsella, Jr., the Naval officers are working with local law enforcement and the FBI to further the investigation of this incident. Kinsella did not specify which building the shooting was in. Citing Navy Times, the incident occurred in a classroom building. Sherrif Morgan confirms that the incident was confined to the classroom vicinity.

Kinsella told the press he will not speculate on terrorism as the motive behind this attack, also citing Navy Times. There are no known links to terrorism in this incident.

Continued from the Navy Times break, White House deputy press secretary Judd Deere said that President Trump has been briefed on the incident at Pensacola Air Station/Forest Sherman Field and is monitoring the situation.

Many may wonder why the local police responded to an incident on a military base. Because the situation was shared between the air station and the Forest Sherman Field, a training ground, it is likely that the MPs and the local sheriff department share jurisdiction of the surrounding area. Both military personnel and civilians are present on the premises of this base so it is necessary for both military and law enforcement to monitor.

Names of the deceased will not be released publicly until their next of kin have been notified of their deaths.

Citing Sherrif David Morgan of the Escambia Sherrif department on the scene, in a public press release to ABC, two of his departments’ officers apprehended the situation. The suspect has been shot and killed. The officers are expected to make a full recovery and have been transported to the local hospital. Citing the Escambia Sherrif, a member of the Escambia County Sherrif’s department is the one who negated the active shooter threat and brought the suspect’s onslaught to a halt. 

The Associated Press Twitter updates the scene. Four people were killed all total, including the suspect. 

One of the four deceased was transported to a nearby Baptist Hospital and later succumbed to injuries. For this reason, there is a possibility that the fatality toll will increase in the next 24 hours. The local law enforcement including Escambia county sheriffs and other local responders ask that, unless you have business at or near the Naval Air Station, you please not frequent the area during the investigation. There is not a reason to believe there are more active shooters in the vicinity at this time, but a civilian presence would interfere with the process of investigation. 

Please also be aware that the Escambia county sheriffs have noted the complexity of this investigation. The investigation is ongoing and so some current facts may be open for future corrections. At this moment, your best bet for getting the most accurate information on this incident is to keep checking back with your local press. Telegraph Local is following the investigation closely. 

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