Rent the Runway partners with W Hotels so you can pack lighter

Rent the Runway partners with W Hotels so you can pack lighter

By Melissa Darling

Contributing Writer for Telegraph Local | See LinkedIn

Rent the Runway has become one of the biggest names in modern fashion. It is about to team up with one of the biggest names in the hotel industry, W Hotels. If you don’t know yet who they are, you are about to. Rent the Runway began as an online platform where people could quite literally “rent the runway.” This meaning that through their website, you could rent a plethora of designer clothes and accessories, and then return! This was founded in 2009 by Jennifer Hyman and Jennifer Fleiss, and has expanded from online to having brick and mortar stores for people to shop around in and rent from as well.

The W Hotels are a part of the Marriott International Hotel chain that has a target market of young and affluent people. They brand themselves as being “luxury lifestyle,” hotels. There is clearly a perfect marriage between the W Hotel brand and Rent the Runway, and they’ve just come up with the perfect way to change traveling for people forever.

Rent the Runway and W Hotels have come up with the idea to make packing a little less of a travel monster for most of us. Starting Thursday, this brand new travel experience will be launching in these certain W Hotels: W Aspen in Colorado, W South Beach in Florida, W Washington D.C. and W Hollywood in California. If you’re a guest in one of these W Hotels you are being offered the exclusive chance to pay a small fee of $69 to pick out your own outfits for your vacation off of the Rent the Runway site. This is also previously curated for you, so everything you’re picking from is designed to match your stay. This means that they are taking into account where you’re staying and when, what the weather will be like, and any activities that you may participate in. Once chosen, Rent the Runway ships these items to your hotel and delivered to your room. Once you leave, the clothes can be left clothes behind in the room to be shipped back. If you didn’t think there could be more, there is. Rent the Runway will also have in the W Hotels “mini closets,” stocked with outfits in the case sizes are an issue, or if people want to add something to their look.

Essentially, Rent the Runway and W Hotels have made it really easy for us to never have to pack again. Rent the Runway is not stopping at just this business collaboration though. They are looking to expand into more markets like this one as well as various other types. Other businesses that Rent the Runway has worked with include WeWork, and Nordstrom, and now are looking into other categories to work in such as home goods and children apparel according to CNBC. Rent the Runway is on the rapid upward growth track, and it certainly shows. Their partnership with W Hotels will change traveling as we know it, in the best way possible.

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