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Pearl Harbor deadly shooting: navy contemplates security commences with Memorial tradition

By Rachel Brooks

Contributor | Telegraph Local 

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Pictured above, tragedy again haunts this place where so many Americans have met untimely, tragic ends

The shooting at Pearl Harbor this week has raised some security amplification debates within the military. Citing the Associated Press, US Navy sailor Gabriel Romero, 22, opened fire on US military personnel on the Pearl Harbor base before turning the rifle on himself.  He had faced disciplinary measures for misconduct previously and was receiving counseling. Romero became disgruntled with the corrective measures his superior officers used. This is the publicly declared motive for the shooting. 

NBC interviews two Navy men who were on the base near the area the attack happened in

At this time, there is no apparent connection between the Pearl Harbor attacks and the attack on the US Naval Air Station in Pensacola. The situation in Pensacola has not been fully processed. 

Romero’s victims were quality assurance personnel who worked on the base. Romero’s duty was to provide security guard service for the fast-attack submarine USS Columbia. This was at the Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickman for maintenance. 

LA Times recent documentary as survivors remember that fateful day in 1941

Navy Times stated that the traditional Pearl Harbor historic ceremony, held on December 7, will commence despite the bloodshed this week. Saturday is the 78th anniversary of the Japan attack on Pearl Harbor that catalyzed US military presence in World War 2. Pearl Harbor National Memorial’s spokesman, Jay Blount, told Navy Times even thought the National Park Service shuttered the site while the base was on lockdown, this won’t be the case on December 7. 

Mr. Blount told the Navy Times that “no one should be afraid to enjoy (the event)”. 

Families may not need to live in fear, but they will live in sorrow from now on. Citing NBC, one family has spoken with the press concerning their grief and the lasting wound this incident will leave. When a faithful shipyard worker is struck down in the prime of life___he was 30-years-old__and leaves a gaping bleed hole in the fabric of America. 

The US is pierced because of this. So close to the anniversary of another horrific tragedy that riveted the American people. It is as if the shadow of a former generation and the shadows of the present generation have eclipsed. Darkness has looked into darkness. 

This is the family of Vincent Kapoi Jr. a screen capture of the video on NBC.

What did darkness see? “Our lives changed forever,” the family of Vincent Kapoi Jr. Darkness saw a sister’s sorrow as she spoke the media on Thursday. 

What did darkness see? “There are so many unanswered questions,” continued Kapoi’s sister. Darkness saw its own obscurity. The American people scattered by violence, divided by it, shattered by it. The American people and a history of violence__the chronic pains of hate!

“We all have to be honest: It changes nothing, because we can’t bring him back. What we have to do, and we must do, is honor his memory, keep him alive in our hearts_and please keep him in your hearts_and always remember good times” Kapoi’s sister was further quoted by NBC. 

So often stories of gun violence are politicized. So often the public uses this as the excuse to climb higher on a soapbox. Climb down today. It changes nothing to use this story to fuel the fires of debate. What darkness saw was obsoletion. For all of America’s rage, for all of her shouts and screams and protest, nothing and no one can bring Vincent Kapoi Jr. back up from his grave again. 

There is only one solution that will bring an absolute end to this unending saga. The American people must make peace with each other. Hold on tight to the living, remember the dead, uphold the law, seek justice, love mercy. Remember that there will always be wicked people among a generation_from Dec 7, 1941, to December 4, 2019. Every generation has its demons. Yet, every generation also has its everyday heroes who stand watch_who put out fires and build bridges. Let us be the peacemakers today. In loving memory of Vincent Kapoi Jr. and the others who perished this week in violence across America. 

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