Battling Vampires in Netflix Series V Wars

By Brittney Curtis

Contributing Writer for Telegraph Local

Thursday Netflix premiered their newest series “V Wars”. The new show is based on the comics by Jonathan Maberry. The series stars (Vampire Dairies) Ian Somerhandler.

In this series Somerhandler plays scientist Dr.Luther Swann, whoes best friend has mutated into a vampire caused by a virus. Somerhandler is well known as the character Damon Salvatore in the hit show Vampire Daries. So it’s no surprise that he has returned to the vampire genre. But this time he’s all human and trying to stop the virus.

Ian Somerhandler tells E! News, that his new role is more grounded and scientific than the role he played in Vampire Diaries. This indeed shows him being less of the bad boy older brother fan’s are use to seeing. Ian also says the shows connecting with real world issues made the series even more interesting.

This is the first role Somerhandler has taken on since Vampire Diaries wrapped in 2017. Along with staring in this new series, he is also an executive producer and directed an episode. V Wars first season is now avaliable for streaming on Netflix. In great time to binge watch for the holidays.

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