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Who is Felix Sater?

By Rachel Brooks

Contributor | Telegraph Local

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The American people have many vague notions regarding Felix Sater. He is the figurehead, the current face of the Russian mafia in the mindset of the American people. The mysterious Yiddish mobster has generated a great deal of mystique to the Donald Trump Impeachment saga. 

Who is Felix Sater? What has he done to entrench him so deeply into the background, transcript notes, and other engagements of the Mueller investigation? 

Citing the Jason Leopold Investigation notes, Felix Sater has self-described his Odyssey in the Underworld. As he tells it: 

Screencapture from Twitter. Independent news sites make the connection between Sater and the complex criminal information network he manages.

“My name is Felix Sater. I am 51 years of age (at the time of this interview, he is now aged 53). I was born in 1966 in Moscow, the Soviet Union with the words Jew stamped in my passport under my nationality-not Russian as has been reported about me…” He then proceeds to tell his story of how he was uprooted from Russia as a six-year-old boy, a political refugee. His family bounced from Israel to America after that. He is an American citizen reared in the Coney Island section of Brooklyn in exile. 

He describes his descent into the criminal world thusly: 

“Although it was not an excuse, my unemployability, and desperate need for money to support my family and newborn child led to my involvement in illegal Wall Street activities, which continued for a period of less than two years. I was a young foolish and arrogant 25-year-old whose actions wreaked havoc on my family and on my own life.” 

Screencapture from Twitter independent news sites spanning the web have circulated the history of Trump and Sater’s working relationship.

He made it seem as if he felt remorse, and as if what follows was penance. He describes the next 20 years as a saga of information assistance to the US government involving “matters of National Security.” 

Felix Sater himself goes on to describe his role in the search for Osama bin Laden, into Al Qaeda, which included provided names and passports of Al Qaeda operatives to the government and reporting Al Qaeda conclaves. 

Felix Sater stated that he was recruited to the Defense Intelligence Agency by Milton C. Blaine. 

Sater’s self-description to Mr. Leopold at Buzzfeed news paints him as a patriot of great character. Yet, the world knows him as a Mafia man and a money laundering schemer. What all parties agree on, even perhaps Sater himself, is that Felix Sater is a dangerous person. His information__however he comes by it__has the power to bring whole nations to their knees. It seems by his self-disclosure to the press that he knows this, that he revels in it. He has affixed himself into the center of American politics. In that place, he has generated a ripple effect of controversy. He knows Donald Trump__the ever divisive Donald Trump. Matter of fact, he worked with him. Yes, this man who states that he was recruited on some secret informant mission of the Defense Intelligence Agency just 6 years after he was convicted of Wall Street level money laundering, worked with Donald Trump. In the Trump Tower Manhattan on the 26th floor, in what was once called Bayrock Group. 

Citing the Intercept, Felix Sater has given his testimony to the conflicted Mueller report. The Intercept cites Felix Sater as the initial business tie between the Trump Organization and the Trump Tower Moscow business venture which transpired during the 2016 election cycle. This business communication led all the way to the Kremlin’s press office. This is the subject of the Mueller report, the controversy and a damnable offense that may yet oust Donald Trump from the White House. 

A screen capture from Seth Hettena’s Twitter. Hettena is the journalist who authored TRUMP/RUSSIA. He reports for multiple outlets including the New York Times, LA Times, New Republic, and Rolling Stone.  

Felix Sater has been an integral piece of the special counsel’s spelunking into deep channels of Trump affiliate dealings. He has been cited by many of the special counsel’s documents as a key player in the constant chess tournament that has been Trump Presidency politics. 

Sater also spoke with Fox News in 2017, purporting himself at the center of the Ukraine peace plan. He plays himself as the helpful asset here as always. In this report, he vehemently denied influencing the Russian social media preference and other campaigns to elect Donald Trump in 2016. Fox News in this report also cites the New York Times. The New York Times here reported that it was Felix Sater, Michael Cohen, and Ukraine-opposition lawmaker Andrii Artemenko who drew up the Ukraine Peace Plan. 

For a man who knows too much, and has “done so much for his country”, Sater claimed to not have “the foggiest notion of what the Russians were doing” further citing Fox News. He denied any wrongdoing and portrayed his motives as a strictly humanitarian effort to end a war. 

No matter how deep the bones are buried, they seem to emerge when they need to. Sater fails to mention that he was once deeply-entrenched in a 1998 “major Mafia-linked stock fraud scheme”, further citing Fox News. 

Who is Felix Sater? A shadow and a thought. Someone hiding behind so many faces that he has even convinced himself his cause is just and sure. Is he known? Can he be known? Even to himself, his motives and his motions are about as transparent as cast iron. 

Further citing the Intercept, Sater allegedly stated, “I will get Putin on this program and I will get Donald elected”  in a November 2015 email to Michael Cohen. This email is alluded to in the Mueller Report, which you can read here. 

Further citing the Intercept, Sater was quizzed about this. He states that this was not collusion but marketing and a chance to “give both sides what they want.” 

The natural follow-up question seems to be this. How often has Felix Sater given both sides what they want? By this statement, he contradicted earlier statements that he had no ties or designs to Moscow. He inferred that he would give both sides what they want or act as a link between Russia and the US. Who is Felix Sater? A liar. A liar that is well-versed in framing deceit. To what end? 

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