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Panthers’ Cam Newton Reportedly to Undergo Surgery for Foot Injury

By Robert Gibson Telegraph Local__See My Blog

Where is Cam Newton? In his mansion drinking beer. Now that Ron Rivera has been released as head coach from the team, Cam is drifting farther away from the team. Yup, I’m not just talking injury reserve for his upcoming surgery. I’m talking bye-bye North Carolina. Is it hello Chicago? Chicago Bears are the early favorites to land Newton in 2020 says Sportsnaut.com.

In 2015, Newton signed a $100 million dollar contract for 4 years. That means Panthers still own him $21.1 million dollars.

He only played two games and led the team to an 0-2 start to begin the 2019 season. It wasn’t until after losing two games in a row Newton came clean about his Lisfranc fracture in his foot. What a coincidence.

Kyle Allen stepped in for the rest of the season while Newton sat on injury reserve. His decision to possibly move to another team was greatly influenced by the dismissal of Rivera. According to cbssport.com, he was “hurt deep” and surprised.

In Newton’s defense, he did take the advice of doctors all over the sports industry, before deciding to take the surgery. He will be able to return around March-April.

He’s going to have to remember this year as one of the worst statistically. He’ll finish with a QB rating of 56.2% with 0 touchdowns.

Way to set the bar low for your new team (wink wink).  

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