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NFL Sunday Football – Chargers at Jaguars

by Cathy Drummond

Contributing Writer for


This not so anticipated match-up between of a pair of 4 – 8 teams, the AFC West, not leading, Los Angeles Chargers, and the AFC South, being in the basement, Jacksonville Jaguars,  leaves much to be desired. And, wanting as well, in this week’s notable NFL Football viewing options, being currently and, subsequently of course, being offered on this Sunday for NFL Sunday Football viewing pleasure. And the wanting I mentioned. Like wanting to see two winning NFL football teams compete, and desiring a somewhat competitive game being played being two professional football team, within the NFL, being played on this Sunday.

And but, unfortunately for some it would seem, for this is this week’s NFL Sunday match-up special, hold the pickles, and more onions please. This coming Sunday, the NFL Sunday match-up, being of gargantuan proportions(?), being done with an extra serving of lettuce, it seems, with new starting quarterback. Jacksonville’s Jaguars Gardner Minshew. huh, heard that name before. Although the Jacksonville Jaguars are still holding on to Nick Foles, it would seem.

And also on the opposing roster, Phillip (I am still here) Rivers, remains as competitive as ever, playing along recent addition, resigned Chargers RB Melvin (I just got paid) Gordon, these Los Angeles Chargers will find a way to compete, in this week’s Sunday NFL Football mega tongue in cheek powerhouse match-up between these two football giants . . . ?, “the Los Angeles football Chargers, and the Jacksonville Football Jaguars,” being uttered in my best inner representation of the great Howard Cosell voice.

And but so this NFL Sunday’s Football match-up between the Charger and the Jaguars can somehow come to be destined as a fan favorite to watch, if only it be their fans. But somehow football is football, and just sometimes a really good game manages to surface. Let’s hope so. Keeping hope alive.

For, for at least for now, the love of Football trumps all, no trump humor here, yet. And as this article says, football is football, and as football may somehow (rolling my eyes), relates to both of these football meccas, at least being one of them, football being itself must rain . . .? , did someone say something about rain, should have been reign in these NFL Football towns, being of gargantuan playoffs implications, huh?. That would be no. Just a NFL Football game between these somewhat sleepy town manikins, Jacksonville, FL Football Jaguars, and Los Angeles, CA Football – there is no place like home-Chargers. Enjoy the game, folks.

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