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Eli Manning, Gets His ‘Last Dance’ On Monday Night Football

By: Colby Wonacott

Contributing Writer for Telegraph Local

Eli Manning #10

After all of us seeing “fools gold” with Daniel Jones after winning back to back games against Washington Redskins, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Then most of the media lifting him up on a mantle as if the Giants found the next quarterback savior. The New York media even gave him a nickname calling him, “Danny Dimes.” After the 2 wins, the nickname was cool and made sense, while casting Eli Manning away as a toddler would once he or she got a new toy. Now the nickname became a running joke because Danny Dimes looks like he can not win another game in the NFL.

Which is not a lie! After those 2 wins, Jones has lost 8 straight games making the Giants’ record 2-10.

The Giants can’t make the playoffs, whatever games they do win, will just push them down the draft more and more. I also believe that if Daniel Jones does not win another game this season, Jones’ confidence will be absolute shot for the rest of the career. Just ask Vince Young after making the pro-bowl his rookie year. Home fans started to boo him and he said that he could never get his confidence back which derailed his career.

The Giants play the Eagles on Monday Night Football, primetime game and let explain why this is perfect timing for Eli Manning to start.

1.) Eli Manning can be very average at times, but nobody can deny that something special comes from within Eli on big times games. The obvious example would be bringing up the 2 Super Bowl wins against the evil empire New England Patriots. So playing agaist NFC East rivals on Monday Night will be a perfect game for Eli to enter. I don’t think anyone, nor Eli Manning himself knows how he does it.

2.) The Philadelphia Eagles are not a good football team. After losing to a team that has sold off all their good players and a team who is blatantly trying to tank. (Eagles & Dolphins game review here) Eli Manning and the Giants have every chance of beating the Eagles, a team that is trending downwards.

3.) Let be Eli Manning’s hype man real quick, he has won the Giants two super bowls and has gone to 4 pro-bowls over his career. Since we are in the age of “send-offs,” famously created by Kobe Bryant and other NBA players. Eli absolutly deserves a send off game and a standing ovation from Ginats fans when all the eyes will be on him. If it wasn’t for Eli Manning, the Giants would be the Knicks. A team that was successful back in the day but not relevant currently.

Right now Eli Manning overall record is 116-116 according to pro football reference. A lot of people get on Manning because his career winning percentage is .500% shown by ESPN.com. If he beats the Eagles, it will bring him above .500%, and then nobody could knock him for having just as many wins as losses.

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