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At least 1 injured in shooting at Jackson University

By Rachel Brooks

Contributor |  Telegraph Local

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Pictured above, Jackson State University is a place full of life. So, when a shooting breaks out and threatens that vibrant life, the public is quite shaken.

Jackson State University in Jackson, Mississippi had a shooting incident Wednesday, citing CBS News Channel 13. There was a lockdown in place that was lifted one hour later. There is one reported injury with no reported deaths as of yet.  The suspect is still at large. Jackson State University got a good description of the vehicle. They state it is a black Honda Accord with license plate number MAC0214. Because the police only have a description of the car for certain, the people of the Jackson State University community locale should still be vigilant. 

Jackson Police stated one male victim was wounded during the shooting. The shooting occurred at just past 11 a.m. The shooting took place in the 1100 Block of Lynch Street. This should put the shooting around the campus neighborhood of the Jackson State University Baseball Stadium. 

Google Maps, fair use

Citing CBS 23 WIFR, police lifted the lockdown when there was no longer a threat of an active shooter on campus. However, this does not mean they have great detail on the suspect. There have been no reports yet of a motive. Suspect details, aside from the car used to escape, are vague at best. Police also did not know the victim’s state after the shooting. 

Police say that the victim was not a student of the University. In which case, this shooting may more or less have been an attempted homicide. The area this took place is in a neighborhood that is tucked against the school’s sport’s department. There is an apartment complex in this area known as One University Place. 

Screencapture of Google Satellite for this area. 

Jackson State University knows all too well the severity of campus violence. In 1970, on May 15, a group of African American students gathered to riot in protest of the falsely reported assassination of the Fayette, MS mayor and his wife. The riot turned deadly when 75 members of the state and city police engaged in an active shooting with the protestors. The police opened fire on Alexander West Hall. 12 were injured, two were dead before the shooting stopped. 

Jackson State University knows all too well the history of violence. How constant it has been. That is why it’s a possibility that today, learning from the past, Jackson State University, the current police force, and citizens alike can work together to make certain this saga of bloodshed stops. May there come a day when no more will Americans kill Americans. 

May we learn from the life and times of Jackson State, from the blood flowing from the hands of Zebulun James. Zebulun James who gunned down a woman in cold blood without apparent motive. Jackson has murdered Jackson. This great American fratricide, how long? 

The campus community was fortunate today. One person may be injured, but injuries can heal. This wound on the soul of Jackson, Mississippi must be healed by the American people. Keep watch for the threat against your American brother or sister. There is no time like the present to put old ghosts down for good. 

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