Amazon Unveils a Portable Battery Powered Echo

By, Destiny Garner 

Contributing writer for Telegraph Local

Echo Dot, Amazon’s smart speaker has become one of the most popular devices offered through amazon. With features like Alexa, instant music, and security features, echo dot has been used in many households. Now imagine having a portable version of Alexa. Well good news, Amazon is now working on it. 

While Amazon currently has no portable devices in Europe or North America, however this may change in the next year. Amazon, the Mega retailer has now unveiled their new portable battery powered smart speaker to users in India. As of now, the “ Echo Input Portable Smart Speaker Edition” is only exclusive in India, the retailer says it will hit other markets soon. The portable smart speaker has 360 degree sound and comes with 4800 mph battery that powers it for 10 hours. The new model also carries four LED lights that’s used to show the battery level. With one tap, the power button now tells how much battery is left on the device. 

Amazon states that portability has been one of the most requested features from customers in India. The mega retailer sees this as a way to bring Alexa with you around the house rather than just in one room. Similar to their other items, to access the device all you need to do is connect to wifi. The echo smart speaker also supports Amazon Prime Music, Apple Music, and Gaana. Making it easy to connect and play your own playlist around the house. 

Although the Echo Input Portable Smart Speaker edition is only offered in India, with its popularity it will soon be available in other markets. The echo will be available for preorder in India for $70.00 starting December 17th. The regular price for the item will start at $84.00. While the features on the new Echo will stay the same, the device will now be powered through batteries. This can be both environmentally friendly and accessible for users. 

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