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‘The Rock’ spills why it took him so long to remarry: His divorce

We now know what the Rock was cooking, and what took him so long to marry Lauren Hashian.

Dwayne Johnson is finally opening up about his marriage — and the fact he spent 12 years with the singer/songwriter and had two kids with her before saying, “I do.” The wrestling icon and major Hollywood star says he was gun-shy about getting hitched again after his first marriage ended. 

“My divorce did a number on me,” he told the Wall Street Journal.

So, the divorce did what few people could do to him in the squared circle. The Rock wasn’t afraid of Stone Cold Steve Austin, not of Ken Shamrock, not of Triple H, and certainly not of Vince McMahon. He never hesitated to get into the ring. But to step up to the altar to put a ring on Hashian’s finger – that’s another story.

“I wasn’t fearful of getting married again, there was just some hesitancy,” he said. 

“But Lauren was incredibly patient. (She told him) ‘I love you, you love me, we have this amazing life together—no presh.’”

But when he finally decided to go through with the marriage in August, it was lightening fast, like a body slam.

He and Hashian got engaged and 72 hours later they were on a beach in Kauai for the nuptials. That didn’t give their guests a lot of notice. There nine adults and their daughters in attendance. One is three, the other is just one. So, of course, they were the flower girls. 

The wedding happened so quickly after the engagement that his daughter from the previous marriage wasn’t able to get there. She’s close with her dad, but is in college. And leave it to the Rock to have a workout planned right after ceremony, which was at the ungodly hour of eight in the morning. 

“I’ve been up since four, I’ve got an 8:30 workout — I gotta get this going, get to the part where ‘I do,’” he recalls thinking.

The speed of the wedding even caught the paparazzi off guard. There was not one in sight, even though Johnson was prepared, just in case.

“We had a full security detail in case there were helicopters,” he said. 

“But there was no press, no paparazzi. No one knew. I was shocked but so grateful. My life is so loud and noisy — the fact that it was quiet was a big win.”

The wedding may have come fast, if you don’t include the dozen years before the engagement. But that doesn’t mean it wasn’t a special occasion. Can you really beat a beautiful day on beach overlooking the Pacific?

So, what’s next for the couple? Another move. This time to Atlanta so he can be close by when he needs to work. He and Hashian already have a place picked out – a property he purchased on a lake that he says is the perfect place to practice his fishing skills.

“In the last three years — and this isn’t hyperbole — we’ve had to move 50 times,” Johnson said. 

“I’m in a nice position now where we can make sure that a big part if not all of our production is in Atlanta. So that’s the goal.”

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