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The NATO talks get heated between Macron and Trump

By Rachel Brooks

Contributor| The Telegraph Local 

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The NATO talks between member countries were a bit unsettling.  The discussions will put “focus on shifting geopolitical relations and military threats”, citing CNBC. Citing Reuters, the NATO leaders are being compelled to spend more money on their militaries as President Trump insists the European nations carry their end of the NATO bargain. Spending on militaries is set to increase by billions of dollars. 

The NATO 70th anniversary meeting on Tuesday was heated, to say the least. With the US President and the French Prime Minister Emmanuel Macron exchanging sorted words. Citing the Wall Street Journal, Trump and Macron clashed over NATO, Trade, and the Islamic State. They sat next to each other, cameras trained to them, as their sharp comments bantered back and forth on all those things concerning world policy, citing NPR news

Trump and Macron’s heated exchange began before the meeting even commenced. This contributed to the tensions at the meeting. Macron stated in early November that NATO was suffering from a sort of “brain death”.  He also feared how strong the alliance could continue to be based on the US’s commitment. Trump took great objections to this statement. NPR News quotes him as saying, “That was a very, very nasty statement.” 

Screencapture from ABC Twitter of Trump speaking at the NATO summit, exchanging heated remarks with Macron over ISIS fighters. 

Still, Macron has not retracted his statements. Citing Al Jazeera, the French President will stand by his statements concerning the health of the alliance. He followed up his statements when he met with Trump after the NATO anniversary meeting at the Winfield House on grounds near London Zoo. Macron rued the decision that the US made to withdraw supporting troops from Syria. US Syrian presence was a security buffer for the Kurdish forces facing against the Turkish offensive. Macron has been quoted by Al Jazeera saying that NATO is “brain dead” because it cannot successfully cooperate with its members.  

Trump also continues to defend his position that Europe must “step up” its security efforts. This continues from the America First policies that Trump as a protectionist state leader has defended all the while he has been in office. Trump’s supporting party has celebrated this position as successful. This NATO position has been celebrated by the National Review, who condemned the claims by Trump’s opposing party that he has alienated foreign policy with his staunch positions. The National Review went on to describe that the nature of NATO, first banded to defend against the ravish of post World War 2-era communism,  is changing. That the definition of the alliance is being called to the carpet, and Trump is the figurehead leading these events. They say this because the US has always taken the lead with NATO, all throughout the organization’s history. 

Yet will the future of NATO be as hopeful as the National Review insists?

Afterward, Macron had still more to say, strongly disagreeing with much of the conduct presented by the US at the NATO meeting. He opposed the idea that European countries should be held to such a high purchase ticket standard if there is not a clear definition of the parameters for NATO moving forward.  He posted his comments on his Twitter: 

From Emmanuel Macron’s Twitter

The European response to Trump’s demands for increased standards will likely spur a stronger political restructuring of NATO’s defining traits, further citing Reuters. It is difficult to say where we shall go from here. NATO has the power to bring the nations together or to drive them far apart. It now stands on the shoulders of the divided leaders. It falls to the world to witness what is happening, to watch with wariness, and to appoint leaders and policies with what votes they can to establish a constancy of peaceable correspondence between the member nations.  If the people do this, then the fate of NATO will not rattle the world’s resolve toward reaching solidarity between the sovereign states. 

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