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Second Shooting Occurred in Wisconsin in as Many Days

By Adonis Richards Contributing Writer |

A school resource officer shot a student after the student stabbed him with a sharp object, cbsnews reports. This has been the second shooting in two days.

Although both participants in the incident were sent to the hospital, neither appear to have life-threatening injuries. The Oshkosh West High School was shut down immediately after the incident. Just 70 miles away the day before in Waukesha, a 17-year-old student was shot by an officer with a pellet gun. cbsnews reports.

“I believe I have a very bad wrist injury that was bleeding very bad. I got one student I believe is shot,” the officer is heard saying in a 911 call.

The report allegedly came in after 9 a.m. according to CBS News respondent  Dean Reynolds. The student had allegedly stabbed the officer in his office, where in the next event was the officer shooting the student in retaliation.

“At which time the officer fired on the student, striking the student one time. Life-saving measures were provided to both the officer and the suspect in this incident,” Oshkosh Police Chief Dean Smith said.

CBS News reports that the pastor of the Immanuel Lutheran Church Reverand John Seelman across the street noticed one person coming out in a wheelchair and another on a stretcher.

The day before a was the incident in Waukesha, where a student had allegedly aimed a pellet gun at another student’s head after a fight broke out. The responding officer nearby saw the incident and proceeded to shoot the armed student in the arm twice and once in the leg. The officer’s name was Sergeant Brady Esser.

Although the motives of the student were unclear, the knowledge of a fight happening.

“He was angry. He was angry,” said Dan Baumann, the Waukesha Police Department captain. “Angry at another student.”

Allegedly, the student had more pellet guns at his house and there can be felony charges placed on the student in the following months.

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