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Redskins vs Packers preview

By Adonis Richards Contributing Writer |adonisinquiry.com

The Green Bay Packers look to secure a key victory in week 14 of the 2019 NFL season as the Washington Redskins come in hungry for another win on the seasons. As we come down to the final weeks of the NFL, each game matters more and more for different reasons.

Week 13 highlights Green Bay| cc Packers twitter 2.0

The Packers are coming off of a by week and two straight road games as they return home to gain another win on their 9-3 season as they continue their dominance in the NFC. According to packers.com, Green Bay is currently 2-1 against NFC East teams this season and would tie their NFC win record at 3-1 record since 2010 and 2007 for the best regular-season record against the NFC East. In-home games against the Redskins, The Packers have won the last four, with a total score of 122-43. The success of the Packers can be accredited to their team and their first-year coach in Matt LaFleur, who will have the best record by a first-year Green Bay coach with a win against the Redskins this Sunday.

The Redskins come into this game 3-9 in a dismal season. The Redskins have not one in Green Bay in over 30 years. However, they look to build on the momentum from their victory over another team they haven’t defeated on the road in Carolina according to redskins.com. The Redskins also are on a 2 game winning streak. The Redskins came off a 248 rushing yards and are eager to build upon their success against the 25th best rush defense in Green Bay.

highlights from Redskins vs Panthers| CC Redskins twitter 2.0

The only problem will be defending the passing prowess of Aaron Rodgers, who averages the highest passing percentage in NFL history from Dec.-Jan. at 111.2 at home games. With a return to home, expect Rodgers to build upon that against another AFC East team as the playoff push for the Packers continues.

The Packers will have to contend against the underrated success of Matt Ioannidis, who is averaging over 20 pass rushes per game, ranking 4th in pass-rushing productivity according to SI.

“I think everyone all around did their one-eleventh. Everyone just did their job,” Ioannidis said. “We were obviously in a high-pressure situation, and I commend the guys on this team. … It’s a testament to their efforts.”

This statement was in regards to the success of the Redskins against the Panthers. The Redskins are looking to build upon their youth, the starting trio of Jonathan Allen, Daron Payne, and Ioannidis, who will be viewed as their highlight of the game Sunday night.

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