Idaho Husband and Wife Get $50,000 ‘Christmas Miracle’ from Secret Santa

By Destiny Garner

Contributing Writer for Telegraph Local 

Each year locals in Idaho gets a visit from a secret Santa. The face of this secret Santa is EastIdahoNews, their team goes door to door helping locals when they need it most. This season they plan to give out $250,000 to locals of Idaho. Gifts can come in cash, a car, or help with medical bills. One of the families they’ll be helping out this year is husband and wife, Brad and Erica Crow. The couple has been struggling to complete their home due to multiple injuries. At age 14 Brad was diagnosed with cancer. In March 2019, he had to get his leg amputated. Due to another disease, he had to get his hip replaced.

After a struggling year the family will receive a break this season. Brad and Erica were surprised with a knock on their door. A secret Santa heard about their tough year and wanted to give them a hand. The couple will receive health insurance for a year to help with Brads injuries and treatment. Along with health insurance for a year, the family was given $50,000 towards their new home. Since the injuries, the family had to postpone rebuilding their home. Now with this Christmas miracle, the couple can now work on their dream home. 

EastIdahoNews gifted plenty of other people this season. Along with Brad and Erica, a mother of three who recently lost her husband were given extra help this season. A mother of one who recently donated a kidney to her uncle was also gifted a car by a secret Santa. EastIdahoNews states that life changing gifts is apart of the teams annual Secret Santa series. The Secret Santa series was created to surprise locals in need of help over the holidays. 

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