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One of the best Halo games ever, Halo: Reach, is now available on PC

By Brittney Curtis

Contributing writer for Telegraph Local

Popular video game Halo has returned to PC platform as of yesterday. The announcement was made by Microsoft this recent Monday.  The new release “Halo: Reach” is a new addition that has been added to the “Halo: The Master Chief Collection”. Microsoft has made some changes to the game, as in features and visual qualities in hopes of making this the best PC gaming experience as possible.

This launch of “Halo: Reach” is not the first. In fact it had a previous release about nine years prior. Due to some bugs that effected the quality and gameplay, it was not too successful. With the release this new and improved version, it’s aimed to create a better experience for the gamers and gives redemption for the creators of “Halo: Reach”.

The storytime of “Halo:Reach” is just as interesting as it’s upgrades. In this new Halo addition gamers will be taken on a journey to a planet called Reach. Where they play as a member of a team of noble Spartans defending humanity against the encroaching covenant and their plan to destroy the earth.

Shortly after this release Microsoft announced that they have began development of the next installment of the “Halo: The Master Chief Collection”. The title of their next installment will be “Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary”. They are expecting to have it released my early 2020.

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