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8-4 Texans vs. 4-8 Broncos, Who Has the Edge?

By: Colby Wonacott

Contributing Writer for Telegraph Local

This Sunday, the Deshaun Watson’s Houston Texans and second-round draft pick Drew Lock’s Denver Broncos will face off this Sunday at 1 pm in Houston. Here I am deciding who has the edge between the offenses, defenses & coaching of the two teams. Let’s dive in now.

Offense EdgeHouston Texans

On an impressive win on prime time Sunday Night, Deshaun Watson had a qbr rating of 78.7 out of 100 according to espn.com against the very talented New England defense. Throwing for 234 yards, 3 touchdowns and most importantly, ZERO interceptions. The Texans’ passing offense was looking very fast, and explosive. On the contrary as Duke Johnson and the running offense continue to struggle throughout the season.

This will be Drew Lock’s second career start after beating the LA Chargers last week 23-20. Completing 64% of his passes, Drew Lock did show the potential to be a competent quarterback in this league. Still, this is his second start in the NFL, with some actual tape on the rookie, next game will be much more difficult. I expect Phillip Lindsey and Royce Freeman to have good chunk plays on the ground against a Watt-less Texans defense, who gives up more than 110 yards on the ground posted by NFL.com.

I believe this game will fall on Deshaun Watson’s shoulders like it has all year and he will prevail like he has all year over the Broncos’ defense.

Defense Edge- Denver Broncos

Did you know the Texans have the 7th worst pass defense in the NFL? Or the 6th worst defense in yards in the NFL? In every major category, the Broncos are better than the Texans. The only category that Houston is better than them is “rush defense, ” which would be a big deal except the Broncos are the team that is ranked right below them. Even me not doing the research on those stats, my eyes and everyone else could see the Houston Texans defense is sub-par.

Ex-Texan Kareem Jackson now plays for the Texans who went up against Deondre Hopkins every day in practice and is giving every tip and trick he knows to Chris Harris Jr. who will line up against Hopkins all game. Here is a quote from Chris Harris Jr from Aric DiLalla.

“Really, he just gives me a few more tidbits of what they can do,” Harris said. “Just overall on the offensive scheme and Bill O’Brien and how he thinks, K-Jack can definitely help with that.”

Coaching Edge- Houston Texans

Vic Fangio of the Denver Broncos has been reportedly struggling with connecting with his coaching staff and his players. Tensions got so bad, which caused the trade of pro bowl receiver Emmanuel Sanders to the 49rs, who is seemingly making a big play for his new team every game I watch.

From an undisclosed source close to the team talking about Fanigio’s offensive play calling according to CBSsports said, “There is a negative reaction to almost every offensive play call.”

That is bad!

Broncos Head Coach Vic’ Fangio

Bill O’ Brian, coach of the Houston Texans is usually not the favorite when it comes to coaching matchups, but it is hard to pick against a coach, where the team looks like they have given up on the head coach.

Texans are favorited by -9

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