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Texas Fires Todd Orlando

by Cathy Drummond

Contributing Writer for Telegraphlocal.com | See Justsayinglive.com

University of Texas Football

And at the drop of a hat, another Assistant Coach literally has bitten the dust and has been shown the way out. Todd Orlando, the University of Texas Defensive Coordinator has lost his job and according to sources, this was a shake-up of multiple proportions including other members of the University of Texas coaching staff.

Three years ago, Todd Orlando, hired as the Defensive Coordinator, under then new Head coach Tom Herman, came in as part of a new wave of up and coming brash, young and very successful recent head coaches which had previously served as Head coaches at either Division II schools, or as members of a coaching staff of some other more well known coaches in Division I and II NCAA Football.

North Texas College Football Player

On any level, the state of Texas is known for Football. And there none more well known within the state, or nationally for that matter, than the University of Texas Division 1 Football program. With such former well known Head Coaches like Mack Brown, the University has shown a penance for what have you done for us lately. Football will live on in Texas, however, some coaches of the assistant, Defensive Coordinator, must find their own way, it seems.

Another source notes that a nationwide search will begin immediately.

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