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Lil Bub Has Died

by Cathy Drummond

Contributing Writer for


Lil Bub, the internet cat sensation has passed.  Lil Bub was born on June 11, 2011. This cat was bound to be something special by all accounts. In a recent NY Times Article, being referred to as a (cat) pioneer in the Internet realm, Lil Bub died of a bone infection, at the mature cat age of 8, which is equivalent to a human age of between 44 and 56, which would have made her a very mature cat indeed. However, the female phenom who was best known for her adorable cat smile, and her dwarfism, wore her age well.

This cat reminds me of my paternal grandmother’s cat named Bobo, God bless his cat soul.  This cat named Bobo who had the dibs on my grandmother’s couch and her heart as well, even before us it seemed, her grandchildren mind you. My paternal grandmother’s own flesh and blood grandchildren, and some stray cat had the run of place. This cat named Bobo would jump in the bed with us, and we, her grandchildren mind you, had to defer to this cat. Well, rest in peace, Bobo. Loved that cat, though. And but back to Lil Bub.

drawn by Jenn Aubrey Biggs

And so, Lil bub has been called home to Cat Heaven. Lil Bub, whom I am sure will live on in numerous cat-related memes, and but in no way will this take away from the impact she has had on so many cat lovers, and even some cat haters, oh, my, God forbid. She seems to have had a knack to instill love in most of those who may come in contact with her, including mankind, as well as those being of the animal kind persuasion, at least, I hope so, including in this is man’s so called best friend.

Her and her owner, Mr. Bridvasky, I am sure, had a very (cat) cantankerous and loving relationship, being demonstrated poignantly in his Twitter Post below being pinned about his much beloved pet, Lil Bub

And according to the NY Times source Lil Bub, in the span of relatively short cat life became (cat fabulous) with numerous merchandising lines, and other (cat fantastic-related activities) begun by her owner, Mr. Bridavsky.

Mr. Bridvasky began a special needs fund for animals with similar life-altering conditions, as well as being involved in numerous other fund raising activities for other notable animal organizations.

Lil Bub, she will be missed. 

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