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Dolphins & Jets Preview, Who has the edge?

Written by: Colby Wonacott

Contributing writer for Telegraph Local

In a battle of the ‘Tank Bowl,’ the Miami Dolphins are playing the New York Jets in Metlife. Hard to believe that anyone outside the fans of the Dolphins & Jets will care about this game, being both these teams are at the bottom of the league. Still, we will dive in and break down the offense, defense, and coaching of both teams.

Offense – Dolphins

Every year, Ryan Fitzpatrick goes through these short stretches of dominance, famously last year after a big game from Fitzpatrick he wore that crazy outfit that made him look like Connor Mcgregor. Which then created a million memes of Ryan Fitzpatrick all over social media. Last game, throwing for 365 yards against the Eagles, I believe it is ”Fitzmagic” time! On the contrary, Sam Darnold is coming off a zero touchdown game against the previous winless Bengals. On top of that, Sam Darnold is banged up heading into this game with bruised ribs and a knee injury according to Ralph Vacchiano of SportsNet New York.

Le’von Bell is a household name from his days in Pittsburg, more infamously from his year-long holdout a year ago. The Dolphins running back is Patrick Lard. I am a Dolphins fan myself and have been since middle school. Watching the last game of Dolphins vs Eagles, I had no idea who this guy was running the ball. After the injury to Kalen Ballage, Patrick Lard was the next man up. A story told by the broadcast team, Ryan Fitzpatrick thought he was an intern for the Miami Dolphins during the offseason. The own QB did not even know who this guy was!

Saying all that, Le’Von Bell has been quite disappointing as of late. In the past 5 games (played Miami within last 5 games) Bell largest rushing game was 66 yards and only scoring 2 Touch Downs within those 5 games according to espn.com. Bell has the fame, but his game has been missing.

Le’Von Bell #26

Both teams have pretty below average O-lines. I believe it is fair when both O-lines equal each other out in badness. Mainly the current swagger of Fitzpatrick and how Devante Parker is looking like a young Randy Moss is the reason why I am giving the edge to the Dolphins.

Defense- New York Jets

Even if the Jets offense has not been the greatest, the defense, led by Jamal Adams, has shown up and shown out. The highest number of points the Jets have given up was 33 points. Even that was to the New England Patriots, who at any given Sunday can run the table on your favorite team. The Dolphins have been historically bad on defense, giving up 30 points or more in 8 out of 12 of their games. With injuries, and stud players being traded away, their defense is the worst in the NFL. There is practice squad mixed with CFL players all over this Dolphins defense.

Ironically, one of the Dolphins’ best defensive games came against the Jets back in week 9. I believe that has more to do with coaching than anything, which brings us to our next section.

Coaching- Dolphins

I do not like Adam Gase as a head coach. He was not good with the Dolphins and is not good with the Jets. I was extremely surprised he got hired as a head coach. Brian Flores does not even have a real NFL team out there, but when you watch the Dolphins you can tell he gets his players to give 100% effort. With Gase, he does not even pay attention to his defense when they’re on the field. In my opinion, Coach Gase will flourish as an offensive coordinator and I believe he will be back doing that much sooner than later. I predict Dolphins will win this game outright.

Las Vegas has the Dolphins at +7.5

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