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Cowboys vs. Bears Thursady Night Face Off

This Thursday night, the Dallas Cowboys will be facing off against the Chicago Bears. Currently both teams have the same standing in the league being 6-6, as we near the end of the football season. Although that have the same standings their stats are very different. Cowboys have an upper hand being 1st in passing. With the Chicago Bears being 28th in passing. But that does not count the bears out for a possible win.

This will be the first time the Dallas Cowboys and Chicago Bears are facing off this year. So, this game can go either way. The Bears are known underdogs in the NFL league, there may be a fight for a win come Thursday night. The last face off game these two team have had Dallas Cowboys took home a win, beating the Bears by 14 points. That just adds fuel to the fire.

As a football fan, I am greatly convinced that this game will be an all-out battle. With playoffs not too far away. This game will help the winning team secure a spot in this year’s playoffs. Last season the Dallas Cowboys were knocked out of the playoffs after being defeated by the Los Angeles Rams with the final score of 22-30.  This football season has been filled with epic battles to say the least, with teams who were believed to not have a chance. So, there’s no doubt that this game will be a great one.

The big question for this upcoming game is, who will take home the win this season. The Dallas Cowboys are standing strong with their stats. But the Chicago Bears have a good chance of redeeming themselves but taking home a win. If the Bears can work on their Defense to hold back the Dallas Cowboys offense they can gain more of a chance of winning. The only way of finding out is by tuning into Thursday Night football this week.

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