Cyber Monday 2019

By Fabrice Pierre-Toussaint

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On December 2, 2019, Cyber Monday Sales hit records of 9.2 billion dollars in sales. Recorded that online shopping is becoming increasingly common and physical shopping is decreasing. The number in revenue that Cyber Monday Sales  brought increased the percentage to 16.9% from the year prior. This Monday was also the first day in history were consumers have spent over 3 billion dollars from their smartphone alone, according to CNBC. The top online sellers on Monday included Frozen 2 ,Toys, LOL, Surprise Dolls, NERF products, the Nintendo Switch, Samsung TVs, Airpods and air fryers. According to statistics, shopping traffic at malls and every other brick-and-mortar stores were light. All due to online deals and promotions moving earlier in the season.

Furthermore, online shopping on Black Friday hit a 5.4 billion dollar record, up 22.3% from a year ago. For the first time, web shopping on Thanksgiving Day surpassed 4 billion dollars for the first time ever. According to Adobe, for the holiday season from Nov. 1 through Dec. 1, $72.1 billion was spent online. Online sales for the entire holiday season are forecasted  to hit $143.7 billion. Snowy weather across parts of the United States equally helped to add a spike in online retail purchases throughout the weekend. On Black Friday, states that saw over 2 inches of snow surveyed an increase of 7% in online purchases. 

Customers throughout the U.S were spending approximately 11 million dollars per minute. From year to year, smartphone sales grew by 46%. Smartphones accounted for roughly a third of total Cyber Monday sales, smartphones accounted for 54% of all site visits, increasing by 19% throughout the years. According to 9to5Mac , Apple sold around three million AirPods between Black Friday and Cyber Monday. In addition, over the weekend, consumers spent around 7.4 billion on Small Business Saturday and Super Sunday, new conditions for big shopping days after Thanksgiving and Black Friday.

Last but not least, online sales are now predicted to grow at a faster rate than the previous years. As malls and brick-and-mortar stores appeal seems to be decreasing, online sales through smartphones is becoming more relevant. Also taking into account that the start of snowy weather means stores are not going to be seeing that much traffic, online shopping is becoming a much more reliant tools. As online stores such as Amazon and their deals on certain products throughout the holiday seasons also seems to be in popularity, as well as buying Apple products, spending on holidays are becoming increasingly higher than expected by leading analysts.

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