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Boris Johnson reconsiders licenses for released terrorists post London Bridge stabbing

By Rachel Brooks

Contributor| Telegraph Local

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The London Bridge attack has loomed over us for days now, a cloud of Al-Qaeda’s former evils coming back to haunt again. The current Prime Minister in the UK now pauses to reflect on licenses and policies that may have contributed to this incident. Citing Sky News, Boris Johnson now says that terrorists must serve “every day of their sentences”. 

The Prime Minister’s remarks have not been met with great appreciation, however. He has been accused of using this opportunity to take a swipe at the opposition leader, Jeremy Corbyn. It is his politicizing of the horrid attacks that have left many a bit jarred by his statements. It seems a bit preying and opportunistic to some. Yet, violence is on the rise in London. The escalation of public action is in order too. Perhaps it could have been spoken of with greater grace? Perhaps. Nonetheless, Johnson and Corbyn have taken to the soapbox over this issue that leaves the UK, particularly England, shaken and looking for answers. 

Screencapture from a UK citizen’s Twitter. Some in the country are livid at this apparent politicization of the tragedy. 

Boris Johnson states that a conservative-leaning government will end the early release of terrorists. Yet, his emphasis on conservative-leaning and his security-focus driving closing campaign have seemed to irk some who are following the UK’s current politics closely. Corbyn retorted with remarks stating police should use “whatever force is necessary” to prevent further attacks. 

The Sun UK cites Johnson stating that 74 additional terrorists have been released early from their sentences. In response to these statistics, Johnson will issue a review into the licenses of these 74 cases. The Sun quotes Mr. Johnson as saying the following: 

“I’m sure people can imagine what we’re doing to ensure that 74 other individuals who’ve been let out early on the basis of this Labour change in legislation, they are being properly invigilated to make sure there is no threat.” 

The UK elections will be in the next 10 days. Among the key-driven points, Johnson’s number one priority is to get Brexit done. He will then use the severance from the EU to “enhance border security” and to create an “Australian-styled points-based immigration system” citing Boris Johnson’s Twitter. 

BBC Reality Check responds to Rishi Sunak of Conservatives party and his debate on ITV 

Many citizens in the UK feel that this will be an inadequate response to the state of affairs within their country. Citing BBC Reality Check, the increase in the police force by 20,000 will do little to replace the police decline throughout England and Wales of some 20,500 officers. That would still leave a deficit of 500 officers to the UK’s police force, rather than an increased police presence. 

The path forward is uncertain. With only 10 days before the Brexit is at last decided, the people of the UK have many questions regarding the future of public safety. Should Johnson form a government, will a crackdown on the terrorists currently released be enough to slow the rate of terrorist-linked violence in the Union? It may be too early to tell. It will depend on a number of corresponding factors including positive rehabilitation with renewed police presence, and better monitoring of areas where crime rates have been uncommonly high. 

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