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Will Conor McGegor Fight Three Times Next Year?

By: TanzaniaDavis https://www.telegraphlocal.com/meet-tanzania-davis/

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It was reported that McGregor will be returning back to the octagon just shortly after the new year. McGregor allegedly will be fighting against Donald Cerrone on January 18.According to one-s understanding Conor hasn’t been in the octagon since October 2018 last year.His last fight on record was on October 6, 2018, against Nurmagmodove.

Do you believe Conor can come back and fight three times next year? It has been reported that he hasn’t won a fight since 2016. That’s a little hard to come back from. According to UFC insider Ariel Helwani McGregor wants to fight three times to stay out of trouble. In Helwani eyes McGregor has regained that focus he needs to succeed this next year.

McGregor and his fans are hoping to have a good strong year. Most say they haven’t saw him this focused in while. The insider Helwani also stated that Mcgregor wanted to fight as soon as December this year but, the UFC didn’t give him that opportunity. Mcgregor wanted everyone to know how hard he’s been working and dedicated to getting back in the cage hopefully we see that starting next year.

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