Travel Deals to Watch for on Cyber Monday and Travel Tuesday 2019

Travel Deals to Watch for on Cyber Monday and Travel Tuesday 2019

By Melissa Darling

Contributing Writer for the Telegraph Local | See LinkedIn

Looking for a getaway for the new decade? Cyber Monday deals have got you covered followed by Travel Tuesday deals for 2019. Don’t miss your chance to lock in a sweet cruise deal, cheap(er) flights, or price-chopped hotels. Everyone is hopping on board the deals that are lining up all over the web today and tomorrow.

Do cruises suit your fancy? Celebrity Cruises not only has amazing Cyber Monday deals, but also many other forms of discounts that can be utilized, for example: “suites deal,” “last minute deal,” “resident rate deals,” and “Alaska Cruise Tour Sale.” So you see, there is no reason not to book yourself and your inner circle an amazing deal for your new year.

If boats are not your thing, no problem. Airlines and hotels are offering amazing deals of their own so you can fly anywhere, anytime. A great place to start finding your discounted flights would be for your best Cyber Monday and Travel Tuesday deals. Not only do they offer some knowledge on Travel Tuesday deals, including history, fact vs. myth, and where to find the best deals, they offer really great deals themselves through their app. Skyscanner is a great way to book your travel efficiently and affordably. If Skyscanner doesn’t have what you’re looking for, another place to check for deals is They make booking your travel fun and easy. They even spice things up by adding a spinner when you visit their website to “spin,” the wheel and land on a Cyber Monday deal. Pretty fun stuff when you’re talking about saving money. Not only does this site offer deals, but they also tell you which airlines are offering deals currently, and what the top destinations are for Travel Tuesday. OneTravel is also offering a number to call for any flights that might not be published on the site. They are giving you all avenues to walk down in order to book your perfect vacay.

Need some tips on the airlines that are offering deals? You can start by heading to Delta and checking out their offers. They have an entire section dedicated to their Cyber Monday deals that will not disappoint. For example for the international traveler, they are offering flights to Switzerland from New York for just $451 dollars, or if you’re looking to stay within the U.S. you can fly from New York to North Carolina for just $137 or from Boston to Florida for just $127. United Airlines is offering their own amazing deals for you to jump on as well. They have an entire “Special Flight Offers,” section to their website right now listing all of the great deals. Some of which include flights from Newark to Orlando for just $97. Or you can head from L.A. to Honolulu for $298.

As we can see our fellow airlines, cruise ships, and hotels really want us to catch the travel bug and get out into the world. They are offering us the best prices for this special holiday limited time. If your S.O., parents, children, or friends enjoy experiences over gifts, this is the best way for you to spend that holiday budget you have. As always travel safely, and happy shopping!

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