Disney's Animated Sequel Frozen II Breaks Records

Disney’s Animated Sequel ‘Frozen II’ Breaks Thanksgiving Box Office Record

By Tre’Oshula McCullough

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There’s no doubt that Disney shareholders are smiling ear to ear right about now. With the success of Disney’s recent launches, each share is gaining its worth for sure.

Not only has Disney had their recent success with the launch of their streaming app Disney Plus, but their recent animated film Frozen II has had record-breaking numbers over the Thanksgiving weekend. Frozen II is said to be the highest-grossing movie on a Thanksgiving weekend ever, and is the sixth 2019 Disney release to rake in over a billion dollars. The Disney 2019 billion dollar club includes Toy Story 4 (1.07 billion), The Lion King ($1.66 billion), Aladdin ($1.05 billion) and Captain Marvel ($1.13 billion.)

Disney's Frozen Two Brings In Record Breaking Numbers

According to Forbes, Frozen II brought in $124 million domestically in five days and finished this past Sunday with $287.6 million, beating 2013’s “Hunger Games: Catching Fire” that made $109 million. In only two weeks, Frozen II has currently brought in an outstanding number of $738 million globally.

Directed by Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee, ‘Frozen Two’ is every little girl’s dream. The main character Elsa enforces her magical powers when she feels that her kingdom is being threatened. Being as strong-willed as she is, she sticks out the fight. She once felt that she was too powerful, but now Elsa understands that her magical powers are a positive characteristic. 

Elsa sets the example of confidence for young girls, however, that isn’t the only crowd that this movie draws. People of all ages come to watch this film, and it was said that ‘Frozen II’ actually leans more towards adults.

Frozen II Passes Disney's Past Records Highest

The sales that Frozen II obtained in such a short amount of time has never been seen before, and has put Disney’s market share at more than 31% according to Comscore. This exceeded all of Disney’s titles in the whole year of 2018, which was $3.09 billion. Globally, Disney’s titles are fastly approaching $10 billion with exponential help and influence from Frozen II.

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