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Cyber Monday deals and promo codes on designer fashion

By Rachel Brooks

Contributing Writer| Telegraph Local 

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Shoppers often make the distinction that Cyber Monday is for tech deals. Yet, Cyber Monday 2019 also has some hot deals on online clothes shopping. This is more than the regular retail outlet such as Walmart or Target. This is also the designer brands_think Louis Vuitton, Nordstrom, and New York &Company and in-mall brands_think Old Navy and Hollister. Under regular circumstances, you’d need to elbow through a mob to catch these deals. Today you can get them from the comfort of your armchair, on the bus, at your office break. Wherever life finds you today, deals will find you there. 

A few tips to find the hottest deal: 

  • Go to the manufacturer’s website to get deals on authentic products and not knock-offs. Example:
  • Check and see if Amazon is running a comparable deal to the manufacturer with free same-day shipping. 
  • Check for digital coupons, promo codes, from the designer or from a clothing blog you follow. Often blogs are members of affiliate programs, and these allow them to send their subscribers sales codes. 
  • Some high-end luxury items, such as Louis Vuitton, will sell at a discount on Cyber Monday if they are gently used. 
  • Get the best deal on luxury items by seeking out the in-mall store’s web handle and combing through their sales and promo codes. 

With these little facts to follow, dive right into Cyber Monday savings. You don’t have a lot of time to lose, now do you?


The Nordstrom sale has the perks of cashback rewards and savings of 50% or more off of shoes, clothes, and other accessories items. 

Screencapture of Nordstrom Cyber Sale 

The Nordstrom sale has markdowns on 1,436 items.  Spanx brand items 20% with free delivery. Zella leggings are 33% off with free delivery. UGG boots 30% off with free delivery. Fleece pullovers are 35% off with free delivery. Sam Edelman Chelsea Boots are 40% off with free delivery. Faux leather drape jackets are 50% off with free delivery. Sam Edelman Hooded Puffer jackets are 55% off with free delivery.  Get price matched Barefoot Dreams throws 30% off with free delivery. Skinny pants are 25% off. Nike’s are 33% off. Reversible North Face jackets 25% off with free delivery. Kate Spade purses 50% off with free delivery. Tory Burch clutch purses are 40% off with free delivery. 

Also, get men’s Hudson car coats for 40% off. UGGs men’s leather slipper, 40% off. Both with free delivery. 

There is so much more than this going on. A bit too much to mention on one web page. Check the site for deals, price match deals, and which products have free shipping deals. 

Note: This is a good place for you to check back to Amazon. Amazon sometimes offers better deals on shipping. A better deal than free, you ask? Yes. Free shipping on the brand’s site may mean free shipping within 3-7 days. Amazon offers some deals with free shipping in 1-3 days. 

Screencapture of the Knoji info database. 

Louis Vuitton__no sales, but promo codes exist

Louis Vuitton is a bit of an elusive brand as it is the world’s #1 luxury goods provider. The Louis Vuitton designer website does not have any posted Cyber Monday deals. Matter of fact, Louis Vuitton never has sales_at least not public ones. Either an item sells at full price, or it is discontinued.  

In cyber stores, there is always one loophole around the strick no-sale policy. It exists in the form of promo codes and additional member offers through major digital retailers. We found real-time codes for Cyber Monday from Louis Vuitton store from Knoji.  Knoji is a real-time consumer deals and reviews aggregation site. It reviews deals that are not commonly known to the web public. The Knoji company is an internet entity based in Santa Monica, CA. You can review the business on LinkedIn. 

  These promo codes should be redeemable at the US Louis Vuitton site, Amazon, eBay, Macy’s, JC Penney and more. Always be certain to check the validity of a promo code before making a purchase decision. Often, you can do this by going to the site’s customer help center and select Ticket Voucher> check validation. You may need a member account for some sites. Select products also have in-site promo codes. See Macy’s for a prime example. Some stores, like Louis Vuitton, may even require you to register for their digital communications to ensure promo codes are valid. Louis Vuitton is a company that does not publicly list promotions or deals so always check with customer service before taking a deals info site’s word for it.

Word of caution: Don’t fall for gimmicks. If a website is not well-known, but it says it has a major deal on a Louis Vuitton bag, then that bag is likely either in the poorest of poor conditions or it is a counterfeiter. Not for naught is Louis Vuitton the world’s most exclusive luxury item carrier. Your best chance is a previous owner riding Amazon’s cyber sales wave, or a well-known mall store online. 


Gucci brand items are easier to find deals on if you go through designer brand mall purveyors or the ever-faithful Amazon. Macy’s has 23 items marked down for Cyber Monday’s Gucci “handbags and accessories” tag. Gucci sunglasses, initially priced at approximately $500 average are selling at 50% off through Macy’s Cyber Monday with Free shipping if you spend $25 dollars.

Keep checking back for valid deals throughout the day. Make sure to source promo codes only from well-known sites with verifiable credentials.

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