Black Friday VS Cyber Monday, Which is best for you.

By Ja’Spring Daniels
Contributing Writer for Telegraph Local

Cyber Monday vs Black Friday. What a joyous time but, do you know the risk.

Ah , the holidays are here! We craved our turkey , saw in laws and relatives that you probably have not seen in a while. Even the family who cannot seem to be in contact with the family through out the year but, magically comes around when the holidays are here. First ones in and first ones to leave with there to go plate. Yet, you conquer this and after cleaning up your dishes and help Uncle John off the couch in deep sleep from his food coma. It’s time for the real fun to begin.

If you’re anything like me Black Friday and Cyber Monday are what I look forward to more than the holidays. Yes, we all love food but that comes and goes faster than it took us to make it. Working hard through the year and slaving over a hot oven for 2 days to prepare for thanksgiving. Wouldn’t you say getting great deals of things you normal who have to budget out to get. Is an amazing, satisfy award. The stores are now open this lines are wrapped around and the fights have begun. Pushing and shoving to get into the store. Just a little bit of hair pulling and we haven’t even made it into the store yet. Once inside close your eyes with me readers and imagine when the meerkats from “The Lion King’ we’re succoring to build a tunnel before the hyena’s come.

With all things good there is always a catch. Most people because of this reason avoid the chaos of Black Friday and decided to take a simpler, safer approach and wait for Cyber Monday. The question still lingers in my mind though. Is this really the safer to get the deals you have been craving for. Again, with good comes bad. Today we are going to list the good and bad between Black Friday and Cyber Monday so you fully prepare and set and game plan for next year.

Let’s first start with Black Friday. Here’s a little bit of history. There are many stories and rumors behind where Black Friday originated. From the crash of the U.S. gold market on September 24, 1869 where Jay Gould and Jim Frisk bankrupted everyone from Wall Street barons to framers. To retailers every year before Black Friday losing profit before Thanksgiving which would put them in what they called “red”. Then amazingly after Thanksgiving profiting huge sums which they said put them in the “black”.

Yet! neither of these stories are the original. Black Friday was originated in Philadelphia back in the 1950s by police officers. The term described the chaos of traffic from shopping discounts after Thanksgiving. In 1961 the name stuck with retailers. With an attempt to change the name to “Big Friday”.

“Big Friday?”

It obviously did not stick and Black Friday became a household name in 1985! Now it’s 2019 and this beautiful tradition has been around and does not seem to be going away anytime soon. This year, Black Friday profits are at 7.4 billion this year. Which is up 14% from last year. Whooo-Hoo American shoppers. We know how to spend some money! Now Let’s get to the nitty gritty of this. This Black Friday amazing deals from clothing to T.V’s

We as a public ran threw the stores and shut them down( not literally). We came we saw and we conquer. This is a quicker way to get your items. Walk into your favorite store and just grab this things you want a need! Sadly some of us conquered a little too hard with 3 injured this year from a stabbing in a shopping center in Hague . Since 2008 we have had 12 deaths and over 117 injuries. With better deals coming every year. It has become a bit more dangerous to travel out and participate in the after holidays events.

A little dark but sadly these are facts. Unfortunately no one at the moment is upping security for Black Friday.But, not to fear Cyber Monday is here. Cyber Monday with deals on Amazon, Walmart, Fashion Nova and so many more great websites choose from numbers are rising in sales. Currently projected sales estimates 239billion dollars this year. Cyber Monday is a great way to be in the comfort of your home and not deal with the huge crowd during Black Friday. Personally better deals and if you in a cold area such as New York, Illinois etc. The benefit of staying in and not being in the cold is very appealing.

Cyber Monday started back in 2005 with an online relator called shop.org. This allowed consumers who had to work on Black Friday to shop from the comfort of their homes , work and pretty much anywhere you liked. I admit I am bias. I am a mother of one son who’s three years old and Cyber Monday is a better option or me than Black Friday. Yet, being a full stack developer. I am aware of the risks you can also gain from shopping online.

With the uproar of web traffic from this holiday event. Many things can go wrong. From, product shortages, overloaded servers, website crashes and just a touch of identity theft. Fortunately, with technology we are about to prevent crashes , and website issues with programmers such as myself making sure we have the right codes to prevent you from having a good time on the web.

As far as the identity thief if you follow this rules Cyber Monday can be this safe , fun outlet you are looking for this holiday season.

  • Shop from a secure computer
  • Shop using a secure connection
  • Shop retailers sites not search engines
  • Use trusted vendors
  • Check website URLs
  • Don’t fall “to-good-to-be-true deals
  • Plan Ahead
  • Try not to use debt cards online

For more information on these safety rules above check out:https://www.tomsguide.com/us/cyber-monday-safety-tips,review-1956.html

Whatever you choose to do this holiday make sure you are safe and you are enjoying it with the ones you love. This is not to deter you from shopping wether you are a Black Friday conquer or Cyber Monday enthusiast. With all good there comes bad but, when you are prepared you are ready for anything that comes your way.



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