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Cyber Monday: Expectation v Reality

by Robert Gibson Telegraph Local See My Blog


Some of the best knowns retailers will be providing deep discounts on products for the year 2019. Extensive investigations create a better possibility for much-needed peace of mind in final closeout sales by the end of Cyber Week. One of the most common expectations for most buyers is that every year the numbers increase.

This beginning of Cyber Week is better known for its eye-catching headlines and over-the-top revelations of discounted premium products. This is also a very important time for buyers. Early publications of product sales in high demand, give consumers a certain amount of time to develop a shopping list in line with their holiday budget.

Another expectation from retailers, specifically, is that Cyber Monday will gross “historically” high. The transactions are fast and many sites become overcrowded. Execution on Monday is key because there will be no time to waste. Proficient traffic and shopping flow will be expected.  

Some expectations of Cyber Monday can be similar to its predecessor, Black Friday. If I find something I like with a price that’s reasonable, I don’t have to commit to it right away. I can place it in a virtual shopping cart.

We expect these shopping features to be effective because they have been utilized for many years.

Bookmarking is another equivalent to shopping carts. You can store links across multiple retailers, not just a single site. This makes for convenient product comparisons for an overall more detailed shopping experience.  Advantages as such puts many consumers back into their homes with their families reheating leftovers and spending quality time at the house. Unlike Black Friday, being cramped in an undersized sedan just sitting in holiday traffic.

 This is the grand design of Cyber Week we expect early on.

Favored ads come quickly with easy accessibility. The introduction of smartphones brings Google searches on the go and puts you ahead of the game against time constraints. Advertisement links displayed on Google have increased total revenue by 3%, with average account revenue up by 49.2% in 2018 from 2017. These stats were cited from Tinuiti

More expectations.


In reality, we are beginning to lose more and more control. Consumers with a less focused shopping experience end up overspending more than those with heavily guarded strategies made before Cyber Week, according to CNBC at making it. 

Bookmarks can be dangerous, especially when there’s no limit to the number of products you can add. Too often enough, wayward consumers end up adding much more to their Bookmarks than they should. This type of excessive behavior can create a threatening marketing ploy called Cognitive Dissonance.

What is Cognitive Dissonance?  

The state of having inconsistent thoughts, beliefs, or attitudes, especially as relating to behavioral decisions and attitude change. Explained here:

Forms of online shopping carts can vary. These methods could incorporate opening numerous windows, saving links to Word documents, history settings and many more.

We can’t buy it all, but who wants to discard products that could potentially markdown to over 60% off?

Most consumers find this state of mind (Cognitive Dissonance) very uncomfortable and are forced to rectify the dilemma with a hasten purchase. Cognitive Dissonance becomes the reality for many Americans of Cyber week more and more each year, according to Medium

Knowing Cyber Monday/Week has an expiration, its grandeur discounts enhance the effectiveness of its marketing strategy.

The reality of mobile shopping during Cyber Monday falls short of its early expectations. Our cell phone screens are not as large as desktops. CNet explains: Often, products that are generated due to a mobile Google search, undergo formatting to appear in a “Mobile Version.”  

Many consumers complain about smaller screens and less proficiency in troubleshooting, creating more bad than good. The reality of Cyber Monday trends shows that buyers will consistently prefer desktop technological instruments over mobile through the many years to come.

This next quote was introduced by a Special Guest Contributor with Shopifyplus:

“As traditional acquisition channels tap out, serving individualized experiences to each visitor will be the key to success. However, many of these visitors will be newbies, enticed by holiday promotions or simply the wave of consumerism that sweeps the cyber weekend.”

The answer to responding to the onslaught of marketing bonanzas created by Black Friday and the entire Cyber Week is more personalized ads. In simple terms, page curling can be summed as personalization of templates and widgets.

Dynamic Yield has potentially crafted 4 ways to turn a Cyber Week buyer into a more detailed shopper. An ad can increase its sales conversion with more accurate recommendations.

Final Thought

On December 2, 2019, there will be so much financial productivity that larger retail chains will consider their marketing strategies a success. The reality of frantic buys and misdirected marketing will be just as real. This huge gap in the marketing industry will shrink as tactics of understanding individual needs increase. Imagine recommendations so precise, you start to receive advertisement offers for products you’ve never would have known benefited you. Marketing that knows you better than you.  

What other changes are necessary for the revamping of Mobile alternatives on Cyber Monday? 

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