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New England Storm Update

By Rachel Brooks__Telegraph Local___see my blog 


Winter storm systems careen toward New England and may produce heavy snowfall, citing NECN news. There should be a cold start to Sunday. This system is expected to burst with snowfall later in the day on Sunday, Dec 1. 

Winter storm watches have been issued across Massachusetts including Greater Boston. There are also winter storm watches in effect for New Hampshire, Connecticut, and Vermont. 

This storm system is the result of a combination of high-pressure storm systems in eastern Canada. There was a storm that blew threw Newfoundland a few days ago. It continues its flow from easterly Canada at a steady pace.  

Washington Post calls this storm a “powerhouse” that may impact return-journey Thanksgiving traffic. The entire American heartland will be impacted in various degrees, from the Great Lakes to the Plains. This storm also follows on the heels of the bomb cyclone that touched the West Coast in the middle of this week. 

Screencapture of NBC Boston 10 road closure map. 

NBC Boston 10, took satellite images of the storm moving in on the greater Boston area as of 18:00 hours GMT. The image was thus taken at 1:30 in the afternoon EST. The storm radar shows a small hole in the clouds as the system cocoons New England. Citing Boston Globe, 12”-18” are expected for Worcester Hills (12”) and the Berkshires (18”). The heaviest snowfall is expected to occur in North Adams and Great Barrington. Boston Globe cites NWS. 

CBS Local for Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire has issued a release regarding school closing. Information on school closings is provided by WBZ-TV Stormcenter. As of Saturday, they have not issued any specific closings, but the line is open for school districts to sign their cancellation announcements with the WBZ-TV program as the storm progresses. These will air on Monday_Friday via WBZ-TV.

You can also check NECN for school closings across New England. The current status has all schools listed “open’. This may change as the storm progresses. Check the status again nearer to Sunday afternoon and early Monday morning. 

Screencapture of the detailed incident report map provided by the New England 551 service of New England Compass. 

The New England Compass’ 511 issues a frequent update for the greater New England region. This includes weather conditions, incidents, driving conditions, NWS Doppler Radar warnings, and more all on the map for easy reference. As of today, we so far have some roads flagged as seasonal road closures, which means they were closed earlier in the month as a precaution. Flagged today, we also see some stretches of highway 1 marked “ice and hazardous conditions” due to drifting conditions and “windy” conditions causing the snowdrifts on highway 1 coming from highway 2, I95 near the Penobscot nation touching Baxter State Park, Piscataquis, Maine. Drift and wind conditions will likely increase traffic issues on rural New England highways as this storm system progresses. 

Across most of New England, wind speeds are high and temperature are dropping into the teens. 

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