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London terror suspect identified

By Rachel Brooks___Telegraph Local____See my blog___

The London terror stabbing suspect has been positively identified citing BNO news. The suspect was a released terrorist prisoner, BNO citing Sky News. He is believed to have been a guest at a prison rehabilitation conference. He had threatened to “blow up” the conference venue and stated he was wearing an electronic tag. He proceeded to the London Bridge to carry out the stabbing attack reported earlier today. 

Citing the Jerusalem Post quoting UK’s The Times, the London attacker quote “had already been convicted of an Islamist terror-related offense”. His release from prison came about a year ago. He had agreed to wear an electronic tag. The Times was citing government sources which they did not name.

Citing the Telegraph UK, the event at the center of the London Bridge attack was being hosted by academic alumni of Cambridge University. It was being held in the Fishmonger’s Hall, which is a scarce few miles from the London Bridge. 

Screencapture of the immediate vicinity of the incident. Google Maps fair use permissions. 

The Straits Times reports this as the scene of a deadly radical Islamic attack two years ago. It could be that the Southwark/Whitechapel Central London areas have been targeted because they are in the financial district. Black Friday may have been chosen because of the expected increased traffic in the area, as Europe holds Black Friday sales that take place on relatively the same scheduling as those in the US. 

Citing the New York Post, the suspect was in the area because he was due to speak at a conference at Fishmonger’s Hall, at a Cambridge University alumni event. The event was meant to feature him as a speaker in the event as a rehabilitated man, New York Post quoted the Times. 

Citing news cites local news as naming the suspect 28-year-old Usman Khan. He was known to MI5 as a terrorist. He reportedly lived in Staffordshire, in England’s West Midlands. A security source told the Mail Online that Khan was wearing an electronic monitoring tag at the time of the attack. 

Screencapture of the BBC Breaking news on Usman Khan, Twitter

Citing the Guardian, Usman Khan was once implicated for planning to attend a “terrorist military training facility” owned by his family in Kashmir. He was also one of nine people arrested for his involvement in the London Stock Exchange Plot in December 2010 of which he was convicted in 2010. He was 19-years-old at the time the youngest person in the group. Mr. Justice Wilkie, at the sentencing of Khan, stated that he and two other partners in the group were the “more serious jihadis” of the organization. Wilkie went on to state that Khan should not be released until he served a minimum of 8 of the 16 years to which he was initially sentenced. 

Khan and his associates, his co-accused Nazam Hussain and Mohammed Shahjahan had a plot to establish and fund the terrorist school on the family-owned land in Kashmir. 

It was Wilkie who insisted that Khan be made to wear the electronic tag. He was convinced that his investment in the school of terrorism venture proved he was deeply committed to future acts of terror. As it turns out, he was right. 

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